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1. Economic Survey of Hungary, 2007

2. Competition Policy and Concessions

3. Competition Law and Policy in Sweden

4. Assessing Environmental Policies

5. The OECD and Parliamentarians

6. The Political Economy of Environmentally Related Taxes

7. Cutting Red Tape: National Strategies

8. Peer Review: a Tool for Co-operation and Change

9. Challenges for China's Public Spending

10. China and the OECD

11. Labour and the OECD: the Role of TUAC

12. Preserving Competition: Keeping Predators at Bay

13. Subsidies: a Way Towards Sustainable Fisheries?

14. Public Sector Modernisation: The Way Forward

15. The Costs and Benefits of Trade Facilitation

16. Competition Law and Policy in Brazil

17. Competition Law and Policy in Turkey

18. China's Governance in Transition

19. OECD Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service

20. Economic Survey of Hungary, 2005

21. Economic Survey of euro area, 2005

22. Economic Survey of Greece, 2005

23. Economic Survey of New Zealand, 2005

24. From unemployment to work

25. Economic Survey of Sweden, 2005

26. Economic Survey of Austria, 2005

27. Paying for Performance: Policies for Government Employees

28. Public Sector Modernisation: Modernising Accountability and Control

29. Solving the Pensions Puzzle

30. Combating Poverty and Exclusion through Work

31. Economic Survey of Spain, 2005

32. Ensuring quality long-term care for older people

33. Economic Survey of Belgium, 2005

34. Economic Survey of Brazil, 2005

35. Public Sector Modernisation: Open Government

36. Economic Survey of Australia, 2004

37. Economic Survey of Japan, 2005

38. Competition Law and Policy in the Russian Federation

39. Public Sector Modernisation: Governing for Performance

40. OECD Territorial Reviews: Mexico City

41. Employment Protection: Costs and Benefits of Greater Job Security

42. Economic Survey of Portugal, 2004

43. Competition Law and Policy in Japan

44. Which Policies Can Reduce the Cost of Capital in Southern Africa?

45. Public Sector Modernisation: Changing Organisational Structures

46. Internationalisation of Higher Education

47. The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

48. Public Sector Modernisation: Modernising Public Employment

49. Economic survey of Korea, 2004

50. Competition Law and Policy in Mexico