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1. Bridging the Social Security Divide: Lessons From Abroad

2. Strengthen the Millennium Challenge Corporation: Better Results are Possible

3. Global Governance Breakthrough: The G20 Summit and the Future Agenda

4. A Bridge to Somewhere: Rethinking American Transportation for the 21st Century

5. More COPS

6. How Well Are American Students Learning?

7. Charting Maine's Future: An Action Plan for Promoting Sustainable Prosperity and Quality Places

8. The Effects of Investing in Early Education on Economic Growth

9. Reducing Unwed Childbearing: The Missing Link in Efforts to Promote Marriage

10. The Decline of the Underclass

11. Block Grants: Flexibility vs. Stability in Social Services

12. Why Federalism Matters

13. The Well-Being of Single-Mother Families After Welfare Reform

14. Insuring America's Workers in a New Era of Offshoring

15. Rumsfeld's Revolution at Defense

16. Insuring America's Workers in a New Era of Offshoring

17. Can the U.S. Government Live Within Its Means? Lessons from Abroad

18. Individual Development Accounts: Policies to Build Savings and Assets for the Poor

19. Thinking About Political Polarization

20. The Challenge of Achieving High Work Participation Rates in Welfare Programs

21. Offshoring, Import Competition, and the Jobless Recovery

22. Improving the Saver's Credit

23. Bush and Kerry: Questions About Governing Styles

24. Encouraging Job Advancement Among Low-Wage Workers: A New Approach

25. Trade Agreements and Labor Standards

26. "Offshoring" Service Jobs: Bane or Boon and What to Do?

27. Global Economic Governance at a Crossroads: Replacing the G-7 with the G-20

28. How to Balance the Budget

29. The Insurance Industry in America

30. Waive of the Future? Federalism and the Next Phase of Welfare Reform

31. The Uncertain Future of the Telecommunications Industry

32. Traffic: Why It's Getting Worse, What Government Can Do

33. To Give or Not to Give: The Crisis of Confidence in Charities

34. Building Intelligence to Fight Terrorism

35. Financial Conglomerates: The Future of Finance?

36. Strengthening Financial Sector Governance in Emerging Markets

37. Earnings Insurance for Germany

38. Indonesia at the Crossroads

39. The Case Against Tax Cuts

40. The Changing Shape of Government