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1. Providing security in Iraq - what do Iraqis think?

2. Small states’ security strategies need an international energy dimension: What can be learned from the Danish Nord Stream and Baltic Pipe negotiations?

3. European strategic autonomy: From misconceived to useful concept what can we learn from the Northern outlook?

4. Renewable energy in Africa is about more than climate change: Aid needed for both clean energy and local capacity

5. A lack of evidence-based approaches will weaken the implementation of the EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling 2021-2025

6. Donald Trump and the battle of the two percent: How will the US election impact on the conflicts over defence spending within NATO?

7. Trump's troops: Not just US soldiers – NATO's soul is also moving east

8. Small States can Take Small but Important Steps to Improve UN Peacekeeping: Action needed for peacekeeping in distress

9. Asia Beyond China: Developing a European Indo-Pacific Strategy for a Changing Global Order

10. U.S.-China Strategic Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific

11. Three Steps to Integrate Climate Change Adaptation and Development: Addressing resilience in Danish development policy

12. Danish Civil-Society Organizations Need to Sharpen their Innovation Focus: Maturing 'techvelopment'

13. Sanctions are an Important Tool in China's North Korea Diplomacy: Concerns over nukes have been growing in Beijing

14. Denmark's China Challenge

15. Stepping up Synergies of the Danish Comprehensive Approach: The Peace and Stabilization Fund

16. The US’ special relationships in Europe

17. Rebooting the Franco-German engine: Two post-election scenarios

18. Refugees in Turkey struggle as border walls grow higher



21. Uranium from Niger: A key resource of diminishing importance for France

22. Prioritising European Defence Cooperation: The next step for the common security and defence policy

23. After Ukraine: Keeping the Arctic Stable

24. Flexicurity in Italy – how far is Rome from Copenhagen?

25. The Migration Industry and Future Directions for Migration Policy

26. Reforming the Common Agricultural Policy in the Shadow of the WTO

27. Europeanising labour migration policies and pursuing national objectives

28. Money and power: EU budget negotiations in a time of austerity

29. Dealing with Iran: How can the EU Achieve its strategic Objectives?

30. Getting on the Right Track: The EU Eastern Partnership

31. Libya: Beyond Regime Change

32. Europe Fighting Irregular Migration – Consequences for West African Mobility

33. Politics Prevail in EU Enlargement

34. The 'right' Mobility Partnership between the European Union, Morocco and Tunisia

35. Growing Jasmines: What should the EU do in Tunisia now?

36. Hello Missile Defence–Goodbye Nuclear Sharing?

37. Think twice before engaging in Yemen

38. Riding the Tiger: China's Rise and the Liberal World Order

39. Land titling and tenure security in the context of inequality

40. African Diaspora Organizations and Homeland Development: The case of Somali and Ghanaian associations in Denmark

41. The Concept of Normative Power in World Politics

42. Disaggregating the Pakistani Taliban: Does the good, the bad and the ugly Taliban distinction represent a failed policy?

43. Denmark and Modern Non-proliferation Assistance and Disarmament

44. Combating illicit financial flows from poor countries. Estimating the possible gains

45. Counting Carbon in the Marketplace – and at the Border

46. Trade-offs in European energy policy: On choice, losses, gains, and how to have a go on both the swings and the roundabouts

47. The Decision-Making Process behind Launching an ESDP Crisis Management Operation

48. Sarkozy og Vichy-syndromet

49. The Securitisation of Migration: A Risky Strategy for European States

50. European Strategies for Reducing 'Unwanted' Immigration

51. New Political Contestation in the European Union

52. Danish positions on key developments in the European Union

53. EU Civilian Rapid Reaction - trouble ahead!

54. Multiculturalism in Denmark and Sweden

55. Tradeoffs Between Equality and Difference: The Crisis of Dutch Multiculturalism in Cross-National Perspective

56. After Enlargement: Europe's New Migration System

57. The Danish ugly duckling and the Mohammed cartoons

58. A Perilous Democratic Exercise: The Referendum on the Constitutional Treaty in Denmark

59. The Palestine Question in the Wake of the War in Iraq