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14581. The Global Community of Overseas Koreans: The Chinese Koreans and the Korean Americans A Vision for the Future

14582. Offering Behavior of Korean Presbyterian Church Members: A Comparative Analysis with African American and Hispanic Groups

14583. An Analysis of Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Variations in Types of Voluntary Associations in the Korean American Community

14584. Book Reviews: Myoung Chung Wilson, Korean Government Publications: An Introductory Guide.

14585. Effective National Security Advising: A Most Dubious Precedent

14586. Effective National Security Advising: Recovering the Eisenhower Legacy

14587. Economic Insecurity, Prejudicial Stereotypes, and Public Opinion on Immigration Policy

14588. Chinese Nationalism and Its International Orientations

14589. Getting into the Black: Race, Wealth, and Public Policy

14590. The Dynamics of the North Korean Threat: Is The Erosion of North Korean Military Capabilities Real or Imagined?

14591. Prospects for Northeast Asian Multilateral Security Cooperation

14592. Old Wine in New Bottles: The Pentagon's East Asia Security Strategy Report

14593. Korea and Japanese Security

14594. Chinese Foreign Policy and the Korean Peninsula

14595. China's Economy: Reform and Perspectives

14596. Current Status of Software Research and Development in North Korea

14597. An Analysis of Structural Determinants of Organizational Effectiveness: The Case of Business Firms in Korea

14598. What Is KEDO?

14599. Israel's National Security and the Myth of Exceptionalism

14600. The United States and South Korean Democratization