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14501. The Role of U.S. Forces in a Unified Korea

14502. Political Future of the Korean Peninsula: A New Challenge to Unification Strategies

14503. The Korean War after Fifty Years: Challenges for Peace and Prosperity

14504. The North Korean War Plan and the Opening Phase of the Korean War: A Documentary Study

14505. The South Korean Military and the Korean War

14506. American Strategy and the Korean Peninsula, 1945-1953

14507. China's Conflict Behavior in Korea Revisited: Implications for East Asian Security

14508. The Impact of the Korean War on the Korean Economy

14509. Theorizing The Untheorizable: The Korean War and Its Impact on Korean Politics

14510. Effects of the Korean War on Social Structures of the Republic of Korea

14511. The Impact of the Korean War on the Korean Military

14512. Histoire Vs Mémoire En France Aujourd'hui

14513. Women In The French Resistance: Revisiting the Historical Record

14514. Abdelmalek Sayad And The Double Absence: Toward a Total Sociology of Immigration

14515. Dossier: Charting the Future of French Farming: Introduction

14516. Farming Visions : Agriculture in French Culture

14517. Craintes Et Espoirs Des Agriculteurs Français

14518. La Loi D\'orientation Agricole Comme Enjeu De Société

14519. Tragédiens Et Comédiens: Les Corses et l'État français

14520. Of Linguistic Jacobinism And Cultural Balkanization: Contemporary French Linguistic Politics in Historical Context