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101. The Neo-Global World: Past Baggage, Present Challenges, Future Prospects

102. Illiberalism in International Relations

103. Hegel and the Theory of International Relations: General Paradigm of the Hegelian System

104. NATO: Waging High-Tech Warfare

105. The Global West and Global South: Development Paths

106. Civilizational War: The Will to Win

107. Warnings and Welcomes: China’s Reopening and the Politics of International Travel

108. At a Dead End? China’s Drive to Reform Defense Science and Technology Institutes Stalls

109. The Clash at Tawang: Tensions Rise on the China-India Border

110. Fentanyl Precursors from China and the American Opioid Epidemic

111. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

112. Ten Years of Democratizing Data: Privileging Facts, Refuting Misconceptions and Examining Missed Opportunities

113. The Polarized American Electorate: The Rise of Partisan-Ideological Consistency and Its Consequences

114. The Trajectory of International Relations Dissertations in Turkish Academia Between 2000 and 2020

115. Turkish IR Journals through a Bibliometric Lens

116. Non-Western Theories in International Relations Education and Research: The Case of Turkey/Turkish Academia FacebookLinkedInTwitterMendeleyEmail

117. A Genealogy of the Concept of Civilization (Medeniyet) in Ottoman Political Thought: A Homegrown Perception?

118. Sea Blindness in Turkish International Relations Literature

119. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

120. International Relations in Search of an Antidote