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81. Strategic Survival in Syria

82. Fortune and Hazard for Algeria

83. The Putin Doctrine: What is it? The Russian Strategic Issue and the Enlarged National Security

84. Political Analysis of the Purchase and technology Transfer Process for Gropen Fighters

85. The East Mediterranean Gas Forum: Convergence of Regional and Energy Security Concerns

86. United States Foreign Policy Towards Jordan From the Political and Security Dimensions from 1990 to 2017

87. The Foreign Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: Expediency at the Crossroad of Suprra-Nationalism and Soverignty

88. The Belt and Road Initiative: Dynamics for Latin America and the Caribbean Region

89. East Vs. West: A New Cold War?

90. IMperial or Colonial: The War is Fought Over The Soviet Past an A Broken Relationship

91. The West Versus The Rest: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine And The Crisis Of The "Post-Western" Order

92. Russia, Ukraine, and Lasting Peace in Europe

93. East-West Relations: A New Cold War?

94. Small States and the War in Ukraine

95. U.S. Foreign Policy an the War in Ukraine

96. The Role of Democracy Discourse in the Emerging "New Cold War"

97. West Vs. Non-West: A New Cold War?

98. The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on Rwanda

99. Will Turkiye Find Herself A Place in the New World Order?

100. From East to North: New Frontiers for the EU-NATO Arctic Defence