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14501. Ending Welfare As We Know It: A Reform Still in Progress

14502. Immigration the Salience of Racial Boundaries Among French Workers

14503. Globalization and French Cultural Identity

14504. La Corruption politique: un mal français

14505. Réponse

14506. Change and Resistance in the Fight Against Corruption

14507. Méry de Paris

14508. Politiques de l'écrivain ou politiques de l'écriture ?

14509. Vichy: Beyond the Syndrome Syndrome?

14510. French Slavery and Modern Political Culture

14511. Dangerous Liaisons in 1940s Quebec: Vichy or la France libre

14512. War and Liberation: Histories from Below

14513. La présidence française du Conseil de l'Union européenne

14514. Uniforms: The Social Imaginary in Balzac's La Cousine Bette

14515. Conjugaliser l'adultère: la liaison de deux amants parisiens, Adèle Schunck et Aimé Guyet de Frenex (1824-1849)

14516. Pour une histoire visuelle du vingtième siècle: le Musée du cinéma Henri Langlois et les historiens

14517. Esquisse ethnographique d'un projet: le Musée du Quai Branly

14518. Oublieuse mémoire

14519. The Gallic Rooster Crows Again: The Paradox of French Anti-Americanism

14520. Les élections locales françaises de mars 2001: un échec pour la majorité

14521. A Tale of Two Countries: The Politics of Color-Blindness in France and the United States

14522. From Republican Political Culture to Republican Democracy: The Benefits and Burdens of History

14523. The Sudden Memory of Torture: The Algerian War in French Discourse, 2000-2001

14524. Torturante mémoire

14525. Homosexuality in France

14526. Overcoming the Cold War Legacy in Korea? The Inter-Korean Summit One Year Later

14527. Russian Policy toward the Korean Peninsula, 1991-2001

14528. In Search of New Patterns of Rivalry and Interdependence: China-Japan Relations in a Changing Northeast Asia

14529. Peace and Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula

14530. Power Dynamics of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Korean Peninsula: Problems and Remedies

14531. The Making of the Korean Financial Crisis: Financial Liberalization without Regulations

14532. The Role of U.S. Forces in a Unified Korea

14533. Political Future of the Korean Peninsula: A New Challenge to Unification Strategies

14534. The Korean War after Fifty Years: Challenges for Peace and Prosperity

14535. The North Korean War Plan and the Opening Phase of the Korean War: A Documentary Study

14536. The South Korean Military and the Korean War

14537. American Strategy and the Korean Peninsula, 1945-1953

14538. China's Conflict Behavior in Korea Revisited: Implications for East Asian Security

14539. The Impact of the Korean War on the Korean Economy

14540. Theorizing The Untheorizable: The Korean War and Its Impact on Korean Politics

14541. Effects of the Korean War on Social Structures of the Republic of Korea

14542. The Impact of the Korean War on the Korean Military

14543. Hegemon on the Offensive: Chinese Perspectives on U. S. Global Strategy

14544. What Went Wrong? The Collapse of the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

14545. A House and Senate Divided: The Clinton Legacy and the Congressional Elections of 2000

14546. Why Americans Deserve a Constitutional Right to Vote for Presidential Electors

14547. After the Storm: U.S. Policy toward Iraq since 1991

14548. Histoire Vs Mémoire En France Aujourd'hui

14549. Women In The French Resistance: Revisiting the Historical Record

14550. Abdelmalek Sayad And The Double Absence: Toward a Total Sociology of Immigration