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51. The Judgment of Climate Change on Food Availability in Nigeria

52. State Intervention in the Public and Private Spheres in Times of Crisis: Covid-19 Pandemic

53. Defining Peace: A content analysis of Brazil's, China's, and the European Union's discourses on the Ukraine War

54. When Life Gives You Lemons: How EU Citrus Standards Can Limit Trade

55. The Advisory Function of the International Court of Justice: Are States Resorting to Advisory Proceedings as a “Soft” Litigation Strategy?

56. Seeking Safer Shells: An Analysis of Interpretations, Justifications, and Rationales Behind Decisions on North Korean Defectors’ Right to Asylum

57. Revising Organ Procurement Organization Guidelines to Obtaining Family Consent for Deceased Donation: An Anthropologically Informed Policy Proposal

58. Migrant Death and Disappearability at Sea: Mediterranean Necropolitics as a European Strategy of Migration Deterrence

59. Is the Government Ready to Take the Lead? Transition of Migration Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina

60. Guam in Washington, 1972-Present: The Overlooked Strategic Implications of Congressional Polarization

61. Friends in Need: Russian Strategic Communications in Africa Before and After the Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine

62. A Land of Violence, A Land of Conquest: Memory, Truth, Historical Continuity, and Imperialism in Rwanda

63. RBPI and the Study of IR: Fostering a Multifaceted Platform for Global Dialogue, Debate and Academic Cooperation

64. Domestic regimes and national preferences as factors of regionalism’s crisis. The case of Guatemala’s regional integration policy

65. Spatiotemporal enabling/disabling factors of local agency in peacebuilding processes. Analysis from present time history and critical peace geography

66. “The thing with sexual exploitation”: gender representations and the Brazilian military in an UN peace mission

67. Regionalism and the Agenda 2030: Inequality and Decent Work in Mexico

68. Mercosur and Environment: progress in promoting the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda

69. Regionalism Beyond Land Borders: Strengthening regional integration in Latin America and the Caribbean through blue economy policies

70. South Africa as a Leading Regional Power in Africa? An Analysis of the Implementation of the African Union, Auda-Nepad and Agenda 2063

71. EU-LAC inter-regionalism as a driver to achieve the environmental Sustainable Development Goals

72. Bottom-up regionality and the Sustainable Development Goals: civil society organizations shaping 2030 Agenda implementation in Latin America

73. Why can ASEAN Promote Sustainable Development Cooperation?

74. US Hegemony in Latin America: Think Tanks and the Formation of Consensus about the Chinese Presence

75. How does IR study children? A Brazilian perspective from the field

76. Deep fires and the British strategic posture: does the war in Ukraine validate it?

77. Regional Governance in Latin America: The More the Merrier?

78. The Realist debate in the context of the War in Ukraine: balancing dynamics, international change and strategic calculus

79. Is There Hope for Gaza Under International Law?

80. The EU’s Response to the Gaza War Is a Tale of Contradiction and Division

81. How American Public Opinion on Palestine Shifted

82. A Palestinian Gandhi or an Israeli de Gaulle? Why the Context of Violence Matters

83. Israel’s Ever-Existing Plan to Depopulate the Gaza Strip

84. Security and Peace After the War in Gaza

85. Covering the Palestinian–Israeli Conflict: Between Exasperation and Empathy

86. A Revived Arab Peace Initiative from Saudi Arabia Could Save the Middle East

87. Hamas, ISIL, and Israel: An Exercise in Comparison

88. Gaza: Israel’s Unwinnable War

89. Radicalization and Regional Instability: Effects of the Gaza War

90. Genocide on the Docket at the Hague

91. Introduction: Marxifying IR, IRifying Marxism

92. Quo Vadis, Historical International Relations? Geopolitical Marxism and the Promise of Radical Historicism

93. The Long Shadow of Structural Marxism in International Relations: Historicising Colonial Strategies in the Americas

94. “Winning the Peace”: The Role of International Peace Settlements in the Creation of World Orders – A “Geopolitical Marxist” Perspective

95. Reconciling Tensions in the Analysis of Bourgeois Revolutions: A Critical Realist Approach

96. The Rise and Decline of the Liberal World Order and the Multilateral Trade System: A Critical-Constructivist Synthesis to International Regime Analysis

97. How Has South Africa’s Membership of BRICS Intensified Uneven and Combined Development in the Country and Beyond?

98. An Ecofeminist Contribution to the Debates on the Neoextractivist Development Model in Latin America

99. Resistance and Change in Form and Content of International Law: A Third World Perspective on Commodity Form Theory of International Law

100. Racism, Xenophobia and Solidarity in Migration and Mobility Politics: Does COVID-19 make any difference?