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1. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

2. From Terrorism to Banditry: Mass Abductions of Schoolchildren in Nigeria

3. Fault Lines in Civilizations and Right-Wing Extremism: Germany's Experiment with Domestic Responsibility Vs. International Obligation

4. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - a Lethal Weapon of Tomorrow for Terrorists

5. Mirroring its British masters: state and outsourced terrorism against the Maoist insurgency

6. What do terrorist think. Analizing the Bali bombers memoirs

7. Talking with Terrorists: Hostage Release Negotiation with the Abu Sayyaf Group in Southern Philippines

8. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

9. Psychological Determinants of Individual Radicalisation

10. Selected Problems of Security Control in Civil Aviation Based on Own Empirical Research

11. Assessing Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Initiatives Across the West – Lessons Learned

12. The Terrorism of Tomorrow is Already Here

13. Pandemic Politics Through Social Media: A Study of India

14. Critical Event Analysis to Terrorism in an Emerging Economy of Pakistan

15. Is Terrorism a Unique Form of Violence? An Assessment of the Academic Critique

16. Protection of Polish critical infrastructure (CI) against air threats

17. Intelligent terrorism as a security threat to critical infrastructure

18. Children at Risk of Statelessness in the Fight against Terrorism

19. Post-Pulwama Indo-Pak COnflict: Reconnoitering The Role of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

20. Terrorism and Abrahamic Religious Tradition: A Focus on Boko Haram Islamic Fundamentalism in the North-Eastern Nigeria