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1. Possibilities for Epistemic Violence in Asylum Process: Lessons From the Case of Finland

2. The Clash of Japan’s FOIP and China’s BRI?

3. The Evolution of the Syrian Humanitarian NGOs and External Challenges

4. The Composition of Multiple Times and Spaces in the Protests

5. An Overview of Agricultural Support Policies in Turkey: A Comparative Regional Analysis

6. Digital Marketing of Political Parties in Turkey

7. The Cyberthreat in the Contemporary Era: Challenges for the security of Pakistan

8. Women Labour in Call Centres: Understanding Characteristics of Work

9. The Impact of Jihadist Propaganda in the Russian Language: Analysis of Kavkazcenter

10. Domestic Politics and Regional Dynamics in Turkey’s Geopolitical Approach to the Middle East Between 2002-2019

11. Foreign Direct Investment, Gross Domestic Product, and Export Nexus in Turkey: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Bounds Model and Granger Causality Approach

12. Power Transition in the South China Sea Challenges for Regional Peace

13. Turkish AK Parti’s Posture towards the 2003 War in Iraq The Impact of Religion amid Security Concerns

14. Nigeria and the Great Powers: The Impacts of

15. Rethinking Key Drivers of Turkey’s Immigration Policies in the Wake of the 2016 Turkey -European Union Immigration Deal

16. Intellectual Capital in Islamic Banking Sector: Evidence from Turkey

17. Three Ways to Explore the BRICS (Possible) Impact on the Future Global Order

18. The State at a Traffic Jam: Resource Endowment and the Challenges of National Development in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic

19. The National Health Insurance Bill: A Critical Review within the South African Development Context

20. Service Delivery with Wanton Protests in Megalopolises, South Africa

21. Rent Seeking and Industrial Growth in Africa: The Case of Dangote’s Cement Industry

22. A Specter is Haunting the West (?): The BRICS and the Future of Global Governance

23. Indonesian Political Economy: A Historical Analysis

24. Not Our War: Iraq, Iran and Syria’s Approaches towards the PKK

25. The Foreign Policy Decision Making Approaches and Their Applications Case Study: Bush, Obama and Trump’s Decision Making towards Afghanistan and the Region

26. The Role of Social and Economic Factors on Fast Food Restaurant Chains

27. Domestic Politics and the Design of International Institutions

28. Explaining Bank Stability Using Bank Specific Factors in Zimbabwe

29. A (Neo)realist Explanation of the Post- unipolar International System

30. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in the Context of the Chinese Grand Strategy

31. Breaking the Links? A Case study of the Indian Diaspora in Thailand

32. Formation of Kurdish Nationalist Movement in Turkey: From Social Movement Theories Perspective

33. Human rights treaty ratification behavior: An ASEAN Way of creating regional standards

34. Continuity or Change in Turkish Foreign Policy? Analyzing the Policy Fluctuations during the Justice and Development Party Era

35. Attractions and Limitations of Nigeria’s Soft Power

36. Nigeria’s Leadership Role Quests: The Race of the Crippled

37. Waltz’s Modesty: Structures Never Tell Us All that We Want to Know - They Tell Us “A Small Number of Big and Important Things”

38. The Global Politics of Gay Rights: The Straining Relations between the West and Africa

39. Financial Development and Economic Growth in European Countries: Bootstrap Causality Analysis

40. Complaint Calls as a Proxy for Perceived Quality: The Turkish Dishwasher Demand Estimation

41. IMS-Growth Triangle, SADC and APEC: A Brief Analysis of Regional Integration and Transborder Relations from Critical Geopolitical Perspectives

42. Debating State Capacity and Intrastate Wars in South Asia

43. A Review of Public and Private Investment in South Africa

44. The Role of Contesting Ideologies: Civil-Military Relations in Turkey

45. Growth Dynamics in South Africa: Key Macroeconomic Drivers and Policy Challenges

46. Changing Dynamics of Turkish Regional Policy: Resistance for Multilevel Governance?

47. Testing the Rentier State Theory: The Case of Azerbaijan

48. Understanding the Nature of Local-Global Interactions in Istanbul’s Retail Property Market

49. Hard Power in a Soft Package: The ‘True’ Conservatism of Obama Leadership in Foreign Policy

50. The USA: Challenges of the Superpower