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1. The Evolution of the Prohibition of Genocide: From Natural Law Enthusiasm to Lackadaisical Judicial Perfunctoriness – And Back Again?

2. Perspectives for a New International Crime Against the Environment: International Criminal Responsibility for Environmental Degradation under the Rome Statute

3. Enhancing the Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflicts – the Draft Principles of the International Law Commission and Beyond

4. Reflections on the Legality of Attacks Against the Natural Environment by Way of Reprisals

5. Through the Looking Glass: Corporate Actors and Environmental Harm Beyond the ILC

6. Business, Armed Conflict, and Protection of the Environment: What Avenues for Corporate Accountability?

7. The Martens Clause and Environmental Protection in Relation to Armed Conflicts

8. Precaution in International Environmental Law and Precautions in the Law of Armed Conflict

9. Advancing the Rule of Law Through Executive Measures: The Case of MINUSCA

10. Reconciling the Irreconcilable? – The Extraterritorial Application of the ECHR and its Interaction With IHL

11. The Perils of Judicial Restraint: How Judicial Activism Can Help Evolve the International Court of Justice

12. Constitutionalism and the Mechanics of Global Law Transfers

13. The Legal Dimensions of Rule of Law Promotion in EU Foreign Policy: EU Treaty Imperatives and Rule of Law Conditionality in the Foreign Trade and Development Nexus

14. The Dawn of Article 18 ECHR: A Safeguard Against European Rule of Law Backsliding?

15. The Law Behind Rule of Law Promotion in Fragile States: The Case of Afghanistan

16. International Investment Law and the Rule of Law

17. Universal Jurisdiction in Absentia Before Domestic Courts Prosecuting International Crimes: A Suitable Weapon to Fight Impunity?

18. The International Responsibility of Non-State Armed Groups: In Search of the Applicable Rules

19. Modification of Renewable Energy Support Schemes Under the Energy Charter Treaty: Eiser and Charanne in the Context of Climate Change

20. Pandemic Declarations of the World Health Organization as an Exercise of International Public Authority: The Possible Legal Answers to Frictions Between Legitimacies

21. The UN Declaration on the Rule of Law and the Application of the Rule of Law to the UN: A Reconstruction From an International Public Authority Perspective

22. Towards a New International Law of the Atmosphere?

23. The EU Commission and the Fragmentation of International Law: Speaking European in a Foreign Land

24. The Use of Scholarship by the WTO Appellate Body

25. The Evolution of Arms Control Instruments and the Potential of the Arms Trade Treaty

26. Combating Illegal Fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone – Flag State Obligations in the Context of the Primary Responsibility of the Coastal State

27. Determining the Relationship Between International and Domestic Laws Within an Internationalized Court: An Example From the Cambodian Extraordinary Chambers’ Jurisdiction Over International and Domestic Crimes

28. Editorial

29. "By What Right?": The Contributions of the Peninsular School for Peace to the Basis of the International Law of Indigenous Peoples

30. Romanticization Versus Integration?: Indigenous Justice in Rule of Law Reconstruction and Transitional Justice Discourse

31. Protection and Realization of Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights at the National and International Level

32. A Step Further on Traditional Peoples Human Rights: Unveiling the Key-Factor for the Protection of Communal Property

33. Indigenous Peoples' Rights and the Extractive Industry: Jurisprudence From the Inter-American System of Human Rights

34. Editorial

35. Precursors to International Constitutionalism: The Development of the German Constitutional Approach to International Law Introduction

36. German Federalist Thinking and International Law

37. Alfred Verdross as a Founding Father of International Constitutionalism?

38. Making it Whole: Hersch Lauterpacht's Rabbinical Approach to International Law

39. Legalization of International Politics: On the (Im)Possibility of a Constitutionalization of International Law from a Kantian Point of View

40. Why Global Constitutionalism Does not Live up to its Promises

41. Editorial

42. The Status and Future of International Law after the Libya Intervention

43. The Continuing Functions of Article 98 of the Rome Statute

44. Sovereign Debt Crises as Threats to the Peace: Restructuring under Chapter VII of the UN Charter?

45. Human Rights and International Investment Law: Investment Protection as Human Right?

46. Re-thinking the Role of Indigenous Peoples in International Law: New Developments in International Environmental Law and Development Cooperation

47. Kosovo's Chances of UN Membership: A Prognosis

48. The Politics of Deformalization in International Law

49. The Legal Status of the Holy See

50. The Use of Combat Drones in Current Conflicts – A Legal Issue or a Political Problem?

51. Completing the ICTY Project Without Sacrificing its Main Goals. Security Council Resolution 1966 – A Good Decision?

52. Defending the Emergence of the Superior Orders Defense in the Contemporary Context

53. The Post 9/11 Discourse Revisited - Self-Image on the International Legal Scietific Discipline

54. Humanitarian Action – A Scope for the Responsibility to Protect: Part II: Responsibility to Protect – A Legal Device Ready for Use?