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1. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

2. A Future Projection of Post-Covid-19 in Japan: Universal Values and International Cooperation

3. Navigating R2P Between Norm and Practice

4. Political Analysis of the Purchase and technology Transfer Process for Gropen Fighters

5. África y (Sur) América Latina: Un interregionalismo posible, una alianza improbable

6. Statesmanship for Political Economy in the National Interest

7. Subnational policies and migration in the USA: post-national citizenship or sovereignty?

8. Managing Crises, the Least-Bad Option

9. AlMostaqbal: Envisioning a Better Arab Future

10. s It Time to Bury the Two-State Solution?

11. Framing the Partition Plan for Palestine

12. Competing Economic Visions in the Gulf

13. “Strong, but Anxious State”: The Fantasmatic Narratives on Ontological Insecurity and Anxiety in Turkey

14. Land Grabbing and International Political Economy: Towards a Critical Neo-Gramscian Theoretical Model of Land Governance in Latin America

15. Fighting for Sustainable Solutions and Greener Governance in India

16. The Impact of Corporate Governance And Its Consequences On Protecting The Bank's Assets: Empirical Evidence From Kosovo Banks

17. Afghanistan Under Taliban: A new Regime Poses a Threat to International Stability

18. The Legal Role of Government in Protecting Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Sites in the War-Affected Countries: The Case of Iraq and Syria

19. French Immigration Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

20. Extraordinary Legal Measures and Their Application as a Response of States to the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

21. European Security Management at the National Level. A Comparative Analysis of Strategies for the Development of Defence Capability in the United Kingdom and Poland

22. Ancillary Units as a Tool of Sublocal Governance in the Polish Major Cities

23. Forms of the Government Administration’s Impact on the Activities of Local Governments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

24. The Europeanisation of the Local Self-Government in the South Caucasus

25. The Storms to Come: China and Natural Disasters

26. State Building in Crisis Governance: Donald Trump and COVID-19

27. An Impact Analysis of California’s State-County Assessors’ Partnership Agreement Program

28. Colorado’s Political Climate, Economy, and Budget during COVID-19

29. Idaho FY22: Recommendations, Appropriations, and Partisanship

30. Montana’s Hard Right Turn

31. New Mexico’s Box of Pandoras

32. One world, many knowledges: Epistemological pluralism and African scholarship (Full Issue)

33. Return and Recuperation Strategies on Returnees to Nigeria: The Libya Episode

34. International development cooperation as a global governance policy

35. Back to sovereignty? Policy space in investor-State dispute settlement

36. BRICS and Global Health Diplomacy in the Covid-19 Pandemic: Situating BRICS’ diplomacy within the prevailing global health governance context

37. South America at the core of Brazilian foreign policy during Bolsonaro’s administration (2019-2022)

38. Red Lines in Global Media

39. Mozambique: A Comparative Study of the Foreign Policy of the Samora Machel and Joaquim Chissano Governments

40. How the Conflict Over Ukraine Affects Security in the South Caucasus

41. Military Coups in Africa: A Continuation of Politics by Other Means?

42. From Terrorism to Banditry: Mass Abductions of Schoolchildren in Nigeria

43. Outer Space and International Diplomacy

44. Is the Raw Coal Ban a Silver Bullet to Solving Air Pollution in Mongolia?: A Study of the Mongolian Government’s Air Pollution Reduction Policies and Recommendations in the Context of COVID-19

45. Leveraging Submarine Cables for Political Gain: U.S. Responses to Chinese Strategy

46. Ratification, Reservations, and Review: Exploring the Role of the CEDAW Compliance Mechanisms in Women’s Rights

47. The institutionalized Buen Vivir: a new hegemonic political paradigm for Ecuador

48. Going Beyond the Add-and-Stir Critique: Tracing the Hybrid Masculinist Legacies of the Performative State

49. An Overview of Agricultural Support Policies in Turkey: A Comparative Regional Analysis

50. The Great Illusion: Foreign Policy Advocacy and the Problem of Knowledge

51. American Statesmanship: Contrasting Views of Leadership

52. Breaking the Historic Taboo

53. Leading Israel into an Empty Future

54. Does the Biden Administration Have Time for Foreign Policy?

55. The Rise of the United Arab Emirates

56. The End of Corporate Janissaries in the Gulf

57. The Long Road to Economic Transformation in the Gulf

58. Women and Children First

59. Space Traffic Management (STM) – Legal Aspects

60. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

61. Parliamentary Parties and the Anti-Abortion Laws in Poland (1991–2019)

62. The Round Table in 1989 – Consequences and Evaluation

63. Dispute over the Powers of the President of the Czech Republic

64. Conciliatory and Conflictual Ethnopolitical Concepts in the Republics of the Russian Federation: Tatarstan and Chechnya

65. Towards a New Normalcy?

66. Multilateralism and the Superpower

67. Public Policy: An Amorphous Concept in the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

68. How Govenrment Outflow and Public Debt Affect Inflation: Evidence from See Countries

69. Russia and COVID-19: Russian Adaptive Authoritarianism During the Pandemic

70. Saving the Census: Assessing Willingness to Participate in the Census

71. COVID-19 and California’s Detained Youth: Vulnerable and Overlooked

72. Tianxia (All-Under-Heaven): An Alternative System or a Rose by another Name?

73. Dimensions of freedom and self-governance: Past, present, future

74. Decolonising governance: The state and chieftancy conflicts on the Ghana-Togo Borderlands

75. Land governance and displacement in Zimbabwe: The case of Chilonga Communal Area, Chiredzi District

76. Fast-track land reform, politics and social capital: The case of Rouxdale farm in Zimbabwe

77. An ethics perspective to South Africa’s civilian intelligence governance regime

78. Taliban News: Fair and Balanced?

79. Ideological Interventions in the COVID-19 Health Crisis in Turkey By Power, Politics, and Religion

80. From Municipalist Activism to Institutional Changes: An Analysis of the Subnational Dimension in Mercosur (1995-2019)

81. Contemporary Challenges to Global Democracy

82. The National Police Service and Nigeria’s Woes

83. Higher Capacity with Limited Competence, Regional Development Agencies in Unitary States: The Case of The Emilia-Romagna

84. Governmentality and Good Governance: Structural Functional Study of Pakistan Polity

85. A New Coup Era for Africa?

86. Political Reforms and Implications for Democracy and Instability in West Africa: The Way Forward for ECOWAS and Member States

87. Self-defence Militias and State Sponsorship in Burkina Faso

88. The July 2021 Protests and Socio-political Unrest in South Africa

89. Conflict Dynamics in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province

90. June 2020 Issue

91. The Eye of the Storm

92. Education in Egypt: A Conversation with Nelly ElZayat

93. Three Ways to Explore the BRICS (Possible) Impact on the Future Global Order

94. The National Health Insurance Bill: A Critical Review within the South African Development Context

95. Protection or Interference? The Legitimacy of Contemporary Humanitarian Interventions and the Engagement of Nonhegemonic Powers

96. International Migration and Federative Co-ordination in Brazil: São Paulo and Porto Alegre Case Studies between 2013 and 2016

97. State Human Rights Performance and Recommendations under the Universal Periodic Review

98. The Poverty Trap: An Analysis of ther Contribution of Multilateral and Regional Institution to the Poor Economic and Social Performance of African Countries

99. External Actors, Good Governance and Health Care Delivery in Africa

100. Geopolitics and the Constitution in Light of the Democratic Constitutional State