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1. Towards a Pax Cubana: revolution, socialism and development in Havana’s Cold War foreign policy

2. Captive Nations Once, NATO Allies Now

3. The evolution of the Hungarian Defence Forces’ volunteer reserve component after the Cold War

4. Fall 2021 edition of Strategic Visions

5. Spring 2021 edition of Strategic Visions

6. The PLO and Communist Albania: Cold War Relations

7. Revisiting the Us-china Trade War: A Strategic Assessment

8. On American Diplomacy and the Disorderly Oscillation of World Orders

9. Cold War Conflicts over a Khmer Temple

10. When the KGB Sends Its B Team

11. Memories of the U.S. Legation in Budapest 1945-47

12. Jack F. Matlock and American Diplomacy with Russia

13. Resistance Literature and Occupied Palestine in Cold War Beirut

14. Dynamics of Ukraine-Russia Relations

15. Searching for Legitimacy? The Motivations behind Inter-Korean Dialogue during the Mid-1980s

16. The Role of the Army in Politics in Latin America and Turkey during the Cold War | Soğuk Savaş Döneminde Latin Amerika ve Türkiye’de Ordunun Siyasetteki Rolü

17. The Effect of War on Economic Growth

18. History and Engagement in the Work of Bezerra de Menezes

19. The Logic of Geopolitics in American-Russian Relations

20. The Balkan Front in the New Cold War

21. Unveiling the causes of the lack of antinuclear movements in India during the Cold War

22. Identifying levels, structures and agency in post-cold war Indian foreign policy

23. Changing Role of Private Military Contractors after the Cold War | Soğuk Savaş Sonrası Dönemde Özel Askeri Şirketlerin Değişen Rolü

24. Fall 2019 edition of Strategic Visions

25. Reevaluation of U.S. Security Policy towards South Asia

26. The Power of Ideas That Won the Cold War is Still Needed

27. A New Cold War: Personal Reflections Regarding Russia’s Missed Opportunities with NATO, Ukraine and Its Western Neighbors

28. America’s Unipolar Moment of Renewal or Collapse?

29. America’s Yemen Policy

30. Can the European Union Save Multilateralism?

31. President George H.W. Bush: the Man and the Statesman

32. The Challenges of the Middle East

33. The 1978 Revolution in Afghanistan

34. Vice President Nixon and Cold War Public Diplomacy

35. Good Grief! An Embarrassing Career-Endangering Episode

36. Bonn Voyage, Twenty Years After

37. Murder in Equatorial Guinea: A Foreign Service Urban Legend

38. Partisans, Pilots, PSYOPS, and Prisoners: North Korea’s Vietnam Odyssey

39. From Geopolitical Competition to Strategic Partnership: Turkey and Russia after The Cold War

40. Relations between Turkey and Syria in the 1980’s and 1990’s: Political Islam, Muslim Brotherhood and Intelligence Wars

41. “Pax Americana”: the United States and the transformation of the 20th century’s global order

42. The impact of the 1949 Chinese Revolution on a Latin American Chinese community: shifting power relations in Havana’s Chinatown

43. Las Ideologías de la política exterior estadounidense de la posguerra fría

44. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Training and Education in the Military

45. Turkey and East Central Europe: Idealism, Pragmatism, Misperception or Clash of Interests?

46. U.S. Embassy Tokyo Role in the Establishment of U.S.-Mongolia Relations

47. James and the Moscow Goons

48. In a World of War, Could it Be ‘From Russia with Love’: A Conversation with Igor Istomin

49. Historical Trajectory of the U.S.-Russia Relationship: Perception and Misperception: A Conversation with Professor Tatiana Shakleina

50. Epistemic frictions: radioactive fallout, health risk assessments, and the Eisenhower administration’s nuclear-test ban policy, 1954–1958