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1. Competing Economic Visions in the Gulf

2. Mine Action and the Environment in Karabakh

3. Land Grabbing and International Political Economy: Towards a Critical Neo-Gramscian Theoretical Model of Land Governance in Latin America

4. Social Capital And Its Changes In Armenia: Challenges and Expectations

5. The Impact of Demographic Factors in Consumer Purchasing Preferences in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence From Kosovo

6. Afghanistan Under Taliban: A new Regime Poses a Threat to International Stability

7. Evaluating Macroeconomic Factors And Their Influence on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence From Western Balkan Economies

8. Assessing the Effects of Trade Liberalization With Third Countries: The Case of the Eurasian Economic Union

9. The Factors Influence Gross Domestic Product

10. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

11. University Participatory Budgets. From Municipalities to Higher Education?

12. Social Credit System in the People’s Republic of China. Theoretical Assumption and Implementation

13. Pak-China Geostrategic Interdependence: Impact on Rising Economies of Asia

14. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: News Framing in Political, Strategic, and Economic Perspectives in Print Media of Pakistan

15. Energy and Geo-Economics: Evidence Underpinning Russian Intervention in Syria

16. Economic Sanctions as a Tool of China’s Hybrid Strategies

17. The Impact of Conflicts on Natural Resources – The Case of Sudanese Darfur Region

18. Taking Stock of the Thirty Years of Mercosur

19. The Development of Geo-Economics A Path Towards an Institutional Liberalism Approach

20. Africa and the 'Globalization Bargain': Towards a Collective Economic Sovereignty

21. A Visualization of Egypt’s Economic Performance During COVID-19

22. The Long Road to Economic Transformation in the Gulf

23. More than a Monolith

24. Africa is Climbing the Prosperity Ladder but Some Rungs are Broken

25. In Malawi, the battle to save mangoes

26. COVID-19, Supply Chains, and Dependence on China: The Indian Perspective

27. Taiwan’s Shifting Role in the Global Supply Chain in the U.S.- China Trade War

28. The Pandemic’s Impact on Supply Chains from China and their Evolution: The View from South Korea

29. The Future of U.S. Supply Chains: National Security and the Pandemic

30. The Big Squeeze: Japanese Supply Chains and Great Power Competition

31. Georgia After the Second Karabakh War

32. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

33. The Importance of Financial Education for the Bank CLient's Protection in Kosovo

34. Challenges and Difficulties for Micro-Business in Adapting IFRS for SMES Requirements: Kosovo Evidence

35. China's Belt and Road Initiative and Georgia: A Short Overview

36. The Future of the Eurasian Economic Union

37. Currency Power & International Security

38. Medical Security, Covid Challenge and the U.S. - Japan Alliance

39. Foreign Direct Investment, Gross Domestic Product, and Export Nexus in Turkey: Autoregressive Distributed Lag Bounds Model and Granger Causality Approach

40. The Economic Impact of Tax Changes, 1920–1939

41. How Misaligned Incentives Hinder Foster Care Adoption

42. Economic Well‐​Being under Plan versus Market: The Case of Estonia and Finland

43. U.S. Trade Policy toward China: Learning the Right Lessons

44. Financial Development in Hong Kong and China: A Hayekian Perspective

45. Lessons for the Fed from the Pandemic

46. A Reckoning Looms for America’s 50‐​Year Financial Surveillance System

47. Cryptocurrencies and All That: Two Ideas from Monetary Economics

48. Promise and Peril of Digital Money in China

49. Tunnels, Bunkers, and Escape Hatches: Defending Economic Rights under Fire

50. Reflections on Monetary Policy and Its Future

51. Volume 71 Issue 2

52. An Overview of Agricultural Support Policies in Turkey: A Comparative Regional Analysis

53. Seizing a Historic Opportunity: the U.S.-DRC Privileged Partnership for Peace and Prosperity

54. Mexico: Highest U.S. Priority in the Western Hemisphere

55. From Economic to Geopolitical Policy: The Middle East on the Silk Road

56. An Alternative Theoretical Framework for Economics

57. The Economic Policies of Lord Liverpool

58. The Economic Mentality of Nations

59. The War on Cash: Institutional Hostility and Covid‐​19

60. Systemic Reconfiguration of Capitalism: Applying Ruggie’s Critique of Waltz in Economics

61. Multilateral Framework of Investment Facilitation at the WTO: Initiatives and Perspectives from the Global South

62. Chinese Investments in Brazil: Economic Diplomacy in Bilateral Relations

63. El problema del coste de la defensa

64. Back to Economics: How Socially Innovative Business Models Can Be a Pathway to Jobs and Stability in the Middle East

65. Protests, Not Geopolitics, Will Shape the Middle East in the New Decade

66. Striking a Blow for Unity? Race and Economics in the 2010 New Orleans Mayoral Election

67. Billionaires and Stealth Politics, Benjamin I. Page, Jason Seawright and Matthew J. Lacombe

68. The U.S.-China Trade War: Is There an End in Sight?


70. Trash Sorters: Entrepreneurs in Africa

71. Central Europe in the new Millennium: The new Great Game?

72. The Functions and Problems of China’s State-Owned Economy

73. Society 5.0 and the Future Economies

74. A Surplus of Deficits

75. The Disrupting Stabilizer

76. The Politics of Pineapple: Examining the Inequitable Impacts of Southern Costa Rica's Pineapple Industry

77. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 1: The Belt-and-Road Initiative and the Middle Income Trap

78. The Future of Chinese Foreign Economic Policy Will Challenge U.S. Interests, Part 2: Renminbi Internationalization and International Economic Institutions

79. China’s Other Viral Crisis: African Swine Fever and the State Effort to Stabilize Pork Prices

80. The China-Myanmar Economic Corridor: Delays Ahead

81. Changes in Consumer Behavior Of Gen Y’ers in Covid-19 Pandemic

82. Armenia and Azerbaijan: Between Failed Peace and War

83. Volume 70 Issue 1

84. Volume 70 Issue 2

85. The Power of Ideas: The Fórum da Liberdade, 1988-2018

86. Participation of Kazakhstan in the Chinese “One Belt, One Road” Initiative: Advantages, Problems and Prospects

87. The Implications of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor for Pakistan–European Union Relations

88. The Essence of the Strategic Competition with China

89. Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2020

90. ASEAN’s Looming Anxiety

91. Is China’s Innovation a Threat to the South Korea-China Economic Relationship?

92. China’s Economic Rise amid Renewed Great Power Competition, America’s Strategic Choices

93. Chinese Views of South Korea: Aligning Elite and Popular Debates

94. Assessing State Capacity Libertarianism

95. The Fall of Chile

96. Economic Liberalizations Around the World Since 1970: Shock Therapy Versus Gradualism

97. Economic Transformation and Privatization

98. Price of Aggression: The Impact of Sanctions on the Russian Economy

99. How the Socialist Economy was destroyed in the USSR (One reason for the collapse of the country)

100. Ocean Floor Grab: International Law and the Making of an Extractive Imaginary