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1. The Growing Presence of Faith-Based Hospitals in California Restricts Access to Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare

2. Examining Child Deprivation Across California and How It Could Be Addressed with Early Childhood Education

3. Alaska Electoral Reform: The Top 4 Primary and Ranked-Choice-Voting

4. Alaska’s New Electoral System: Countering Polarization or “Crooked as Hell”?

5. A Future Projection of Post-Covid-19 in Japan: Universal Values and International Cooperation

6. Russia’s Ukraine Revanchism: Dugin, Neo-Eurasianism, and the Emerging World Order

7. Warnings and Welcomes: China’s Reopening and the Politics of International Travel

8. At a Dead End? China’s Drive to Reform Defense Science and Technology Institutes Stalls

9. The Clash at Tawang: Tensions Rise on the China-India Border

10. Fentanyl Precursors from China and the American Opioid Epidemic

11. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

12. Ten Years of Democratizing Data: Privileging Facts, Refuting Misconceptions and Examining Missed Opportunities

13. The Polarized American Electorate: The Rise of Partisan-Ideological Consistency and Its Consequences

14. The Trajectory of International Relations Dissertations in Turkish Academia Between 2000 and 2020

15. Turkish IR Journals through a Bibliometric Lens

16. Non-Western Theories in International Relations Education and Research: The Case of Turkey/Turkish Academia FacebookLinkedInTwitterMendeleyEmail

17. A Genealogy of the Concept of Civilization (Medeniyet) in Ottoman Political Thought: A Homegrown Perception?

18. Sea Blindness in Turkish International Relations Literature

19. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

20. International Relations in Search of an Antidote

21. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

22. Reasons for the West’s Hatred of Russia

23. Impact of economic sanctions on net commodity-producing and net commodity-consuming countries

24. The impacts on the change of training architecture for UN Peacekeeping Operations in Brazil

25. What Losing the Iran Deal Could Mean for the Region

26. Navigating R2P Between Norm and Practice

27. Democratizing International Relations

28. Strategic Survival in Syria

29. Fortune and Hazard for Algeria

30. The Putin Doctrine: What is it? The Russian Strategic Issue and the Enlarged National Security

31. Political Analysis of the Purchase and technology Transfer Process for Gropen Fighters

32. The East Mediterranean Gas Forum: Convergence of Regional and Energy Security Concerns

33. United States Foreign Policy Towards Jordan From the Political and Security Dimensions from 1990 to 2017

34. The Foreign Policy of Post-Revolutionary Iran: Expediency at the Crossroad of Suprra-Nationalism and Soverignty

35. The Belt and Road Initiative: Dynamics for Latin America and the Caribbean Region

36. East Vs. West: A New Cold War?

37. IMperial or Colonial: The War is Fought Over The Soviet Past an A Broken Relationship

38. The West Versus The Rest: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine And The Crisis Of The "Post-Western" Order

39. Russia, Ukraine, and Lasting Peace in Europe

40. East-West Relations: A New Cold War?

41. Small States and the War in Ukraine

42. U.S. Foreign Policy an the War in Ukraine

43. The Role of Democracy Discourse in the Emerging "New Cold War"

44. West Vs. Non-West: A New Cold War?

45. The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on Rwanda

46. Will Turkiye Find Herself A Place in the New World Order?

47. From East to North: New Frontiers for the EU-NATO Arctic Defence

48. Concerns for Food Security in the Mediterranean and Turkiye

49. Exploring the Russian Perspective on the War in Ukraine: Demography's Power and Ukraine's Uniqueness

50. A "Civil Association" Between the European Union and Russia

51. Why Romania is a NATO "Model Ally?"

52. Towards a Fuzzy World Order: What Role for NATO

53. Rebuilding "Greater Russia" and the Invasion of Ukraine

54. On Designating the 14-Mile Area in the Cooperation Agreement: Missteps and Implications for Peace in South Sudan

55. Civil Society as a Transitional Justice Litigation Actor in Africa

56. The Colonial Legacy and Transitional Justice in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

57. Impact of the Church on Conflict Transformation of Political Crises at Community Level: A Case Study of two Church Denominations in Dzivarasekwa, Harare

58. Emerging Local Voices and New Possibilities Toward Attaining Sustainable Peace in Bawku, north-eastern Ghana

59. The Political Ecology of Farmer-Herder Conflict in Ghana: A Case Study of the Kwahu Afram Plains South District

60. Africa’s Quest for Reform of the United Nations Security Council: A Just Cause Curbed by Unrealistic Proposals

61. Civil War between the Ethiopian Government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front: A Challenge to Implement the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine

62. Transferring Policy: The African Union’s Protection of Civilians Policy in Peacekeeping Missions in Somalia and South Sudan

63. Responding to Netflix's Stateless Series: Misrecognition and Missed Opportunities

64. The Racialised Non-Being of Non-Citizens: Slaves, Migrants and the Stateless

65. Great Power Politics: The Indo-Pacific, Southeast Asia, and the Global South

66. War and Peace for Moscow and Beijing

67. The Return of Shuttle Diplomacy

68. Deepening Suspicions and Limited Diplomacy

69. North Cranks up Nukes—and Slams Down the Phone

70. Confrontation Muted, Tensions Growing

71. China Strengthens Regional Leadership Countering US Challenges

72. Washington Zeroes in on Manila

73. An Even Larger Role in Everything

74. US-Korea Relations: Nuclear New Year

75. US-China Effort to Set “Guardrails” Fizzles with Balloon Incident

76. The US and Japan Build Multilateral Momentum

77. India’s Ongoing “Strategic Correction to the East” during 2022

78. China-Russia Relations: Ending the War? Or the World?

79. Japan and South Korea as Like-Minded Partners in the Indo-Pacific

80. Japan-China Relations: A Period of Cold Peace?

81. China-Korea Relations: Kim Jong Un Tests Xi-Yoon Diplomacy

82. Tensions Intensify as Taiwan-US IT Cooperation Blossoms

83. Xi Moderates to US and Others Amid Continued Competition

84. US-Southeast Asia Relations: External Order, Inner Turmoil

85. US-India Relations: Friends with Benefits

86. US-Korea Relations: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud

87. US-Japan Relations: Ramping Up Diplomacy and Defense Cooperation

88. Regional Overview: Indo-Pacific as the 'Epicenter',

89. Spring 2022 edition of Strategic Visions

90. An Impact Analysis of California’s State-County Assessors’ Partnership Agreement Program

91. The Unprecedented Federal Fiscal Policy Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and Its Impact on State Budgets

92. Muddling Through: Alaska’s Budget Process in 2021

93. Don’t Go Chasing Windfalls: California’s 2021-2022 Budget

94. Colorado’s Political Climate, Economy, and Budget during COVID-19

95. The Year Without Tourism: Hawai‘i’s FY2022 Pandemic Budget

96. Idaho FY22: Recommendations, Appropriations, and Partisanship

97. Montana’s Hard Right Turn

98. New Mexico’s Box of Pandoras

99. Oregon 2020-21: Budgeting During COVID

100. Utah: Strategic Investments in the Wake of a Pandemic