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251. Youth Engagement in Peace Processes in Africa

252. Collaboration Between Intelligence Services in the Present-Day World: Challenges and Issues

253. Climate-Migration: A Security Analysis within the Context of Green Theory

254. “Securitization from Society” and “Social Acceptance”: Political Party-Based Approaches in Turkey to Syrian Refugees

255. Securitized Referent Objects in Brazilian Defence Documents: Natural Resources, Critical Infrastructure and Energy Security

256. US Foreign Policy to South America since 9/11: Neglect or Militarisation?

257. Professionalization, Local Military Context, and Reconstruction of the Army in Afghanistan

258. Mobilizing Resources and Signaling Intentions: a Neoclassical Realist Analysis of Japan’s Domestic and International Instrumentalization of the Senkaku Islands Dispute and China’s Maritime Assertiveness

259. The Copenhagen School in South America: the (de)securitization of UNASUR (2008-2017)

260. The Security Challenges of European Demographics and Politics Caused by the Modern Migration Crisis

261. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Political Warfare and Propaganda

262. The roaming threats: The security dimension of Almajiris’ mobility in Nigeria and its implications for Africa’s regional security

263. Intrastate cultural and socio-political influences and the realisation of national security: A two-level correlational analysis

264. Modelling computer networks for further security research

265. Europeanisation in Non-European Union Countries and the Foreign and Security Policies of Associated States

266. India and Iran Relations under the Shadow of Global Politics: A Brief Historical Overview

267. Japan on the Borderlines: Is Japan Still a Civilian Power?

268. Georgia After the Second Karabakh War

269. From Struggle to Permanent Failure Why the Karabakh Attempt at Secession Failed

270. Beijing’s Long Way to the Gulf Region Oil, Security, Geopolitics

271. Ukraine’s Strategic Relations with the South Caucasus With References to Turkey and Russia

272. Getting NATO Ready For The Rest Of The 21st Century: Is NATO 2030 The Right Roadmap?

273. NATO And Collective Defense in Space: Same Mission, New Domain

274. NATO's China Problem

275. Ukraine Membership Revisited: The Case For NATO's Strategic Adaption

276. NATO And Its Changing Approach To Space

277. There is No Easy Solution To The Western Balkans' Disinformation Challenge

278. Spotlight Turkey: A Pivotal Swing State in NATO

279. Securitising Covid-19? The Politics of Global Health and the Limits of the Copenhagen School

280. Agenda OTAN 2030 y Concepto Estratégico 2022

281. Política europea de seguridad y defensa y sus efectos en la industria de defensa

282. “The Same Procedure as Every Year”: U.S. Counterterrorism Policy since 9/11

283. American Statesmanship: Contrasting Views of Leadership

284. Reflections of the Reproduced State Identity on Turkish Foreign Policy: Crises With the USA

285. US Exit from Afghanistan: Impacts on Pakistan and India

286. China’s Foreign Policy and Strategic Stability towards South Asia: An Analysis

287. War on Terrorism and its Impacts on Pakistan's Security

288. South Asia Security and Kartar Pur Border: A Path to Peace OR?

289. Banditry in Nigeria: Insights from Situational Action and Situational Crime Prevention Theories

290. Conflict Dynamics in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado Province

291. Ignoring the Roots of Mozambique’s War in a Push for Military Victory

292. Implications of Emerging Technologies on Peace and Security in Africa

293. The Crisis of Ethiopian Foreign Relations

294. Why Is Algeria Considering Changing its Military Doctrine?

295. Visegrad Group as institution for Central European cooperation: Ups and downs of small international organizations

296. The Influence of Diplomacy on Controversies: A Comparative Study Between Diplomatic Mediation and Armed Conflict

297. The Dominance of Terrorism: Aspects of the Socio-Political Challenges in Post-Independence West AfricA: Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali

298. Main Trends of Terrorism in Africa Towards 2025

299. The Significance of Targeting Soleimani

300. Migrations and Security. The Problematic Circularity ‘Philosophy, Law and Politics’