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401. Resilient Power: A New Model for Grid Security

402. Differences between Third World Security Approaches and Postcolonial Security Approaches: State, Culture and Modernity

403. Rethinking International Security: Feminist Critiques in International Relations

404. The Domestic Politics of Nuclear Choices

405. Buying Allies: Payment Practices in Multilateral Military Coalition-Building

406. A State Visit by Kazakhstan’s President Demonstrates China’s Increasing Influence in Central Asia

407. China’s Future Naval Base in Cambodia and the Implications for India

408. The Prospects for Sino-Indian Relations During Modi’s Second Term

409. Overcoming US-North Korean Enmity: Lessons from an Eclectic IR Approach

410. Unintended Consequences of EU Democracy Support in the European Neighbourhood

411. “Indigenous Communities are at the Heart of Canada’s North”: Media Misperceptions of the Canadian Rangers, Indigenous Service, and Arctic Securit

412. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 11 Issue 07: Southeast Asia’s Evolving and Resilient Militant Landscape

413. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 11 Issue 06: June Issue

414. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 11 Issue 02: Geographically Diverse, Organisationally Complex and Gender Inclusive Islamist Terrorist Landscape

415. Post-Hegemonic (Dis)order and Regional Balancing Strategies in the Middle East

416. Of Marauders and Brigands: Scoping the Threat of Rural Banditry in Nigeria’s North West

417. Vigilante Groups and Policing in a Democratizing NigeriA: Navigating the Context and Issues

418. Political Breakdown in South Sudan: United Nations and a New Challenge to Human Security (2014 - 2018)

419. Situation and Trends of Terrorist Acts Within the European Union

420. The Indo-Pak Rivalry and the Kashmir Issue: A Historical Analysis in the Security Context of the South Asia

421. Asian Space Race is Rhetoric or Reality: Implication for South Asia

422. Underlying Implicating factors of U.S. War on Terror and its Unintended Consequences for Pakistan

423. Disengaging from Violent Extremism

424. Regional security cooperation in Africa: An evaluation of the Regional Cooperation Initiative for the Elimination of the Lord’s Resistance Army

425. Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria

426. State Fragility and Conflict Nexus

427. The North Korean Factor in the Sino-Russian Alliance

428. Sino-Russian Relations, South Korea, and North Korea

429. The China-Russia-North Korea Triangle After Kim Jong-un's Turn to Diplomacy

430. Citizenship Deprivation under the European Convention-System

431. The Influence of strategic culture on shaping security policy

432. The impact of crime on security in tourism

433. China and its wests – evolution of security dynamics and its consequences for the defence industries of the involved actors

434. Sanitary aviation in post-war Poland – historical outline

435. Social structure determinants of Polish military manpower

436. Modern aspects of the development of security in air transport under the conditions of air terrorism

437. Russia's return to the superpower status

438. Recent U.S. and International Assessment of Baltic Security Developments

439. Combating destabilising forces in modern operations. Research report

440. Lithuania in European Union common security and defence policy context

441. European Union common security and defence policy and Latvian involvement in EU battlegroups

442. Concerns on the issue of defence expenditure in the post-crisis Greece

443. Preparing for future security challenges with practitioner research

444. The royal military college of Canada: Responding to the call for change

445. Non-military determinants of the Russian Federation policy

446. Hybridity – a ‘new’ method to accomplish dominance

447. Preparation of Polish police officers for peace missions

448. “Autonomisation” of security and defence systems

449. Biopolitics and Necropolitics on the Northern Border / La biopolítica y la necropolítica en la seguridad ciudadana de Tijuana

450. Drug Trafficking between Latin America and Africa: A contemporary Case between Security and Global Governance / Narcotráfico entre América Latina y África: un caso contemporáneo entre seguridad y gobernanza global

451. High expectations. Interregional agendas on global security challenges: East Asia, Europe and Latin America

452. Back to the Russia-U.S.-China “Triangle”?

453. Strategic Stability in the Early 21st Century

454. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Great Power Competition

455. The Strategic Price of Neglect

456. Security Challenges of the New Colombian Administration

457. Taking Responsibility in a Dangerous World

458. Pathologies of Centralized State-Building

459. The Digital Maginot Line: Autonomous Warfare and Strategic Incoherence

460. Three boards: security, economy and the new unknown. The complicated relationship between China and Central and Eastern Europe

461. Regionalism and Security: The Case of Mercosur and the Absence of Defense Issues

462. Manufacturers and Security Providers: A Conceptual Essay

463. Africa and the Threats to Its Security

464. Poland’s Energy Security Strategy

465. The Role of the Arctic in Chinese Naval Strategy

466. China’s 2020 Economic Agenda: Maintaining Stability Amid Flux

467. Winter 2018 edition of Contemporary Eurasia

468. Winter 2019 issue of Contemporary Eurasia

469. Security Dilemma in South Asian Context

470. Prospects of Internationalizing Nuclear Security: An Appraisal

471. Intervention fever: The politics of Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

472. Threat Multiplier: The Growing Security Implications of Climate Change: A Conversation with Sherri Goodman

473. From Energy to Climate Security: The EU’s Evolving Views

474. In a World of War, Could it Be ‘From Russia with Love’: A Conversation with Igor Istomin

475. Building Trust and Confidence in International Security: A Conversation with OSCE Secretary General Thomas Greminger

476. The Future of Strategic Intelligence

477. Historical Trajectory of the U.S.-Russia Relationship: Perception and Misperception: A Conversation with Professor Tatiana Shakleina

478. Looking Inward to Improve National Security: A Conversation with Former Congressman Christopher Gibson

479. The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton by Jefferson Morley

480. Energy Security in Armenia and the South Caucasus

481. Energy and Security in Mexico: The Real Winners of a Drug War

482. U.S.-Russia Relations: Energy Security & Beyond: A Conversation with Dr. Celeste Wallander

483. Human Trafficking and Climate Change: Understanding the Disastrous Relationship

484. Outlook: Chechnya and Terrorism, Putin and Kadyrov: A Conversation with Julie Wilhelmsen

485. Understanding Myanmar: History and Current Perspectives: A Conversation with Derek Mitchell

486. Intersectionality of Conflict in Africa The African Union’s Conflict Prevention and Early Warning Division (CPEWD) Mechanism

487. Identity and Conflict, Permanent Deconfliction or Eventual Reset? A Conversation with U.S. Army Colonel Robert E. Hamilton

488. Where Are We Now? Important U.S.-Russia Geo-Strategic Flashpoints: A Conversation with Dr. Evelyn N. Farkas

489. Navy Classification: Proposal for a Comparative Methodology

490. Military Expenditures and the Armed Forces Actions in South America: An Appreciation About the Regional Defense Convergence

491. Regional Cooperation in Public Security: Assessment of UNASUR's Normative Framework

492. Armament Modernization in South America: Empirical and Theoretical Pressures on the Dualistic Views of Regional Security

493. Peace Missions and Civil-Military Relations: Reflections on the Brazilian Case

494. Subnational Experiences in the Defense Industry Promotion Policies: The Case of Rio Grande Do Sul

495. Crime, citizenship and race: Latin American dilemmas in security doctrine

496. Japan’s new assertiveness: institutional change and Japan’s securitization of China

497. Detecting patterns in North Korean military provocations: what machine-learning tells us

498. Britain’s Post-Colonial Foreign Policy Towards the Persian Gulf Security (1971-1991): An Alternative Approach

499. Killing Norms Softly: US Targeted Killing, Quasi-secrecy and the Assassination Ban

500. Climate Change: Conflict and Cooperation (Full Issue)