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151. Central and South Asia Economic Corridor in the Evolving Central Asian Geo-Political Circumstances

152. PLAN E: A Grand Strategy for the Twenty-first Century Era of Entangled Security and Hyperthreats

153. The Black Sea Thread in Russian Foreign Policy and How the United States Can Respond

154. Neglected Maritime Terrain in the Bay of Bengal: An Examination of the Future of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

155. Ontological Security and Iran’s Missile Program

156. From geopolitical anomie to a syncretic metamodel of the Greater Black Sea Region – “Five Sea Region”

157. An evaluation of anti-terrorism laws in Pakistan: Lessons from the past and challenges for the future

158. Flood vulnerability of the critical infrastructure in Poland

159. Proposed method for building an anti-drone system for the protection of facilities important for state security

160. Protection of Polish critical infrastructure (CI) against air threats

161. Institutional corruption as the bane of critical infrastructure protection in Nigeria

162. Intelligent terrorism as a security threat to critical infrastructure

163. Preparing critical infrastructure for the future: Lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic

164. Abstraction-decomposition space for critical infrastructure systems: A framework for infrastructure planning and resilience policies

165. The evolution of the Hungarian Defence Forces’ volunteer reserve component after the Cold War

166. Economic coercion as a means of hybrid warfare: The South Caucasus as a focal point

167. Analysis of strategic stakeholders in the Western Balkans

168. High power wireless power transfer for the future of the battlefield challenges

169. The Evolution of Russia’s Foreign Policy Doctrine

170. Women’s Security in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

171. Environmental Security in the Anthropocene

172. Small State Dilemma: Cambodia Between The Asean And China In The Indo-Pacific Context

173. Post-Pulwama Indo-Pak COnflict: Reconnoitering The Role of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

174. Afghanistan Under Taliban: A new Regime Poses a Threat to International Stability

175. Scope and Limitations of Soft Power Diplomacy: A Quantitative Analysis of Afghans' Perceptions about India

176. Turkey's Soft Power Policy Towards The Balkans: Challenges and Perspectives

177. Agenda OTAN 2030 y Concepto Estratégico 2022

178. OTAN, España y el FrenteSur. Análisis geopolítico tras cuarenta años de experiencia compartida

179. ¿Puede la OSCE (todavía) contribuir a la seguridad europea?

180. Desradicalizacióny desvinculación:aspectos formales y teóricos

181. Towards Sustainable Peace and Cooperation

182. Why Is Algeria Considering Changing its Military Doctrine?

183. Rethinking the Regional Security Complex Theory: A South American view between 2008-2016

184. Research Perspectives and Boundaries of Thought: Security, Peace, Conflict, and the Anthropocene

185. An Introduction to ‘Peace, Conflicts and Security in the Anthropocene: Ruptures and Limits’

186. Indo-Iran Relations in the Changing Regional Environment Implications for South Asia

187. Afghanistan: The Possible Arena for Major Powers Inevitable Cooperation

188. Mexico 2018-2021: Pandemic, Crisis, Security and Geopolitics/México 2018-2021: Pandemia, Crisis, Seguridad y Geopolítica

189. The "Venezuela Factor": COVID-19 in times of Bolivarian Revolution/El “factor Venezuela”: Covid-19 En Tiempos De Revolución Bolivariana

190. Youth Engagement in Peace Processes in Africa

191. Collaboration Between Intelligence Services in the Present-Day World: Challenges and Issues

192. Climate-Migration: A Security Analysis within the Context of Green Theory

193. “Securitization from Society” and “Social Acceptance”: Political Party-Based Approaches in Turkey to Syrian Refugees

194. The Security Challenges of European Demographics and Politics Caused by the Modern Migration Crisis

195. Securitized Referent Objects in Brazilian Defence Documents: Natural Resources, Critical Infrastructure and Energy Security

196. US Foreign Policy to South America since 9/11: Neglect or Militarisation?

197. Professionalization, Local Military Context, and Reconstruction of the Army in Afghanistan

198. Mobilizing Resources and Signaling Intentions: a Neoclassical Realist Analysis of Japan’s Domestic and International Instrumentalization of the Senkaku Islands Dispute and China’s Maritime Assertiveness

199. The Copenhagen School in South America: the (de)securitization of UNASUR (2008-2017)

200. COVID-19 and the security sector in Ecuador: A case of strategic surprise/El COVID-19 y el sector securitario en Ecuador: Un caso de sorpresa estratégica