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301. Main Trends of Terrorism in Africa Towards 2025

302. The Significance of Targeting Soleimani

303. Entre políticos y criminales: corrupción política en Colombia 2013-2018 (Between Politicians and Criminals: Political Corruption in Colombia 2013-2018)

304. Inteligencia para la Seguridad Pública en las Entidades Federativas de México (Intelligence for Public Security in Mexican States)

305. Pacifying Police Units and private interests in Brazil

306. El islam en Rusia: desafíos a la seguridad y respuestas estratégicas (Islam in Russia: Security Challenges and Strategic Responses)

307. La brecha de ciberseguridad en América Latina frente al contexto global de ciberamenazas (The Cyber Security Gap in Latin America Against the Global Context of Cyber Threats)

308. String of Pearls: Politics of Ports in Indian Ocean

309. Indo- US Strategic Objectives in Afghanistan: Security Calculus of Pakistan

310. War on Terror: Repercussions for Pakistan

311. BRI & CPEC: Strategic & Economic Depth for Pakistan

312. The American News Media’s Volatile Perspectives on China

313. Silencing the Guns Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

314. The African Union, regional economic communities and regional mechanisms and United Nations: Leveraging the Triangular Partnership to Silence the Guns in Africa

315. How a Strong African Union–United Nations Partnership can Sustain the Silencing the Guns Agenda Beyond 2020

316. World Oil Security on a Precipice

317. It is Time to Establish a Middle East Regional Security System

318. Re-Engineering Regional Security

319. Georgia’s Road to NATO: Everything but Membership?

320. The Kaliningrad Region – Key to Security in East-Central Europe

321. Shaking the Foundation: the Trump Administration and NATO’s East

322. Remarks on Regional Security

323. Turkey and East Central Europe: idealism, pragmatism, misperception or clash of interests?

324. The Balkan Front in the New Cold War

325. Nord Stream 2 Current State of the Project and its implications for European Energy Security

326. Critical infrastructure in the shaping of national security

327. An easy target? Types of attack on oil tankers by state actors

328. Components of defence strategies in society’s information environment: a case study based on the grounded theory

329. Near-Earth Objects (NEO) and other current space threats

330. Migrations and Security. The Problematic Circularity ‘Philosophy, Law and Politics’

331. Migration and Asylum Policies in the European Union and its Application Problems in the Member States / Las políticas de migración y asilo en la Unión Europea y sus problemas de aplicación en los Estados miembros

332. Caught in the Crossfire: Challenges to Migrant Protection in the Yemeni and Libyan Conflicts

333. Coronavirus and the Future of Globalization

334. Cybersecurity: State Attack and Response Strategies

335. India's "Africa Adventure" in the Indian Ocean Commission

336. Crime in the Northern Triangle

337. Secure Communities A Conversation with Carrie Conway

338. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Spring 2020

339. COVID-19: The Pandemic and its Impact on Security Policy

340. No Such Thing as a Perfect Partner: The Challenges of “By, With, and Through”

341. Elite Incentives and Power Dynamics in Fragile States

342. The Essence of the Strategic Competition with China

343. Quantum Computing’s Cyber-Threat to National Security

344. The New Institutionalism: A tool for analysing defence and security institutions

345. Assessment of the effectiveness of the security features of personal wireless networks

346. Testing the efficiency of laser technology to destroy the rogue drones

347. The Hellenic air – space violations by Turkish aircraft: A statistical assessment and a forecast

348. Countering terrorism in the shadows: The role of private security and military companies

349. Family as a fundamental social unit shaping security culture: Polish realities

350. The rules and organisation of air traffic at airstrips during military operations: Based on experience gained on missions in Chad and Afghanistan

351. Compulsory military service as a social integrator

352. The future of energy security of states

353. Turkish AK Parti’s Posture towards the 2003 War in Iraq The Impact of Religion amid Security Concerns

354. Nigeria and the Great Powers: The Impacts of

355. The Impossibility of a Defence Policy in the Americas? Comparing Hemispheric and South American Security Concepts and Military Roles

356. The Securitization of the Tri-Border Area between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay

357. The Relation Among Regional Organisations, the Consolidation of Democracy and Citizen Security: The Cases of SICA and UNASUR

358. Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2020

359. China’s Economic Rise amid Renewed Great Power Competition, America’s Strategic Choices

360. China’s Role in India’s Hindu Nationalist Discourse

361. Ideas and Interests: European Democracy Aid and the Democracy-Security Dilemma, 1990-2010

362. Toxic Institutions in Security Sector Reform: Lesson Learned From the Failure of Building Security Institutions in East Timor

363. Maritime Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa and its Effects in the Economy of States

364. Is the “show-the-flag” strategy relevant for Visegrad countries in securing the EU?

365. Challenges for Security and Defence Cooperation in Central Europe: Will the EU be able to manage the crisis in the EU periphery?

366. Central Europe in the new Millennium: The new Great Game?

367. Will Informal Institutions Replace Formal Institutions? The Primacy of Church and “Uma Lisan” in Fostering Community Security in Timor Leste

368. Mainstreaming Realism Paradigm in Handling Illegal Immigrants in Malaysia

369. The two Koreas´ Relations with China: Vision and Challenge

370. Changing Roles of the EU and ASEAN on Peace in the Korean Peninsula

371. Directions of Poland’s Energy Security Policy in the Natural Gas Sector

372. Uzbekistan: A State Undergoing Total Reconstruction

373. Space Defense in Europe. Policy and Security Aspects

374. Changes in the Electoral Code and Their Impact on the Security of the Election The Origin for Discussion Based on Selected Comments

375. Indian and Australian Maritime Security Doctrines in the Indian Ocean Region in the 21st Century. Christian Bueger’s Matrix of Maritime Security Approach

376. The Strategic Implications of Chinese-Iranian-Russian Naval Drills in the Indian Ocean

377. Beijing Piles More Pressure on Taiwan after a Historic Victory by Tsai Ing-Wen

378. New Wine Into New Wineskins: The Evolving Role of the PLA Navy Marine Corps in Amphibious Warfare and Other Mission Areas

379. Devolution of Informality: Legacies of State-Engineered Hybridity in Libya

380. Nuclear Terrorism: Hype, Risks and Reality-A Case of Pakistan

381. Indian Strategic Influence in Afghanistan: Realist Ends through Social Means

382. Emergence of Sectarian Indigenous Militant Groups in Pakistan and Politicization of Militant Thought

383. The Contours of New Regional Alignments in South Asia

384. Reevaluation of U.S. Security Policy towards South Asia

385. The Rwandan Genocide Revisited

386. U.S. Security Coordination and the “Global War on Terror”

387. Special Document File: The Erasure of the Nakba in Israel's Archives

388. Power, Politics, and Community: Resistance Dynamics in the Occupied Golan

389. The Rise of Russia’s Hi-Tech Military

390. Challenges Technologies Pose to U.S.-Russia Arms Control: A Conversation with Dr. Heather Williams

391. The Intelligence Cycle of Targeted Killing in the United States

392. Sino-Indian Nuclear Dynamics: Taking the Global Lead

393. Re-thinking Biological Arms Control for the 21st Century

394. Technology and Tensions in the Global Commons

395. The Need for Countries to Establish Robust and Transparent Vulnerabilities Equities Processes

396. How Much Does a “Privacy” Weigh?

397. Learning from Russia’s Influence Campaigns in Eastern Europe: A Conversation with Nina Jankowicz

398. The Perfect Weapon: War, Sabotage, and Fear in the Cyber Age by David Sanger

399. A Healthier Way for the Security Community to Partner with Tech Companies

400. Nuclear Weapons with 21st Century Technology: A Conversation with John Borrie