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741. U.S. and Japan: New Policies toward the Korean Situations

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750. Chinese Scholarship on Iran and the Middle East

751. Peace, Women and Security: A Latin American Perspective

752. L'ennemi intérieur, de la guerre coloniale au contrôle sécuritaire

753. David C. Brotherton and Carlos E. Ponce debate: Can the gang truce in El Salvador help improve security?

754. Latin America Has Moved On: U.S. Scholarship Hasn't

755. Waiting for the "Bitles" in Mexico — World Games in Cali — Milkshakeburgers in the U.S. —10 Things to Do in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

756. Aldo Civico and Alfredo Rangel debate: Will the negotiations between the government and the FARC bring lasting peace to Colombia?

757. Celebrating Germany in Brazil — Dominica hosts the World Creole Festival — Tackling Mexico City's traffic jams —10 Things to Do in Antigua

758. Hard Talk: Gabriel Marcella and William McIlhenny debate: Should the U.S. spy on its allies?

759. Evolving Internal Roles of the Armed Forces: Lessons for Building Partner Capacity

760. Geopolitical Codes in Davutoğlu's Views toward the Middle East