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101. Turkey's Soft Power Policy Towards The Balkans: Challenges and Perspectives

102. Agenda OTAN 2030 y Concepto Estratégico 2022

103. OTAN, España y el FrenteSur. Análisis geopolítico tras cuarenta años de experiencia compartida

104. ¿Puede la OSCE (todavía) contribuir a la seguridad europea?

105. Desradicalizacióny desvinculación:aspectos formales y teóricos

106. Towards Sustainable Peace and Cooperation

107. Statesmanship for Political Economy in the National Interest

108. Russia Against Ukraine Before the European Court of Human Rights. The Empire Strikes Back?

109. Strategic Ambiguity in US-Taiwan Relations During the Donald Trump Administration

110. European Security Management at the National Level. A Comparative Analysis of Strategies for the Development of Defence Capability in the United Kingdom and Poland

111. Risks and Benefits of i-Voting in Public Opinion: Evidence from Poland

112. Selected Problems of Security Control in Civil Aviation Based on Own Empirical Research

113. Indo–French Defence Cooperation in the Light of Regional Security Balance in South Asia

114. The Role of Material Stocks in the National Security System

115. The Russian Federation Dominance in the International Security Environment

116. What Next for Climate and Security at the UN Security Council: Ireland's View

117. Reframing U.S. Military Strategy Toward Africa

118. Big Power Competition in the Indian Ocean: Will Economic or Strategic Logic Prevail?

119. Sanctions Run Amok – The Undermining of U.S. Power

120. The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy: A Conversation with Matthew Kroenig

121. The Relationship between Energy Security, Exports and Economic Growth: The Case of the Middle East Countries

122. Turkey's Growing Role as a Security Actor in Somalia: Dynamics and Motivations

123. Finland and the Demise of China’s Polar Silk Road

124. All the President’s Men – Corruption in the Xi Jinping Era

125. Security Dialogues with Chinese Characteristics

126. Will the China-Pakistan Corridor Get a Boost with a New Government in Islamabad?

127. Future Global Policeman? The Growing Extraterritorial Reach of PRC Law Enforcement

128. China and the Ongoing Political Crisis in Pakistan

129. Linking Foreign Policy and Energy Security: Iran-Pakistan gas Pipeline

130. Critical Event Analysis to Terrorism in an Emerging Economy of Pakistan

131. Central and South Asia Economic Corridor in the Evolving Central Asian Geo-Political Circumstances

132. PLAN E: A Grand Strategy for the Twenty-first Century Era of Entangled Security and Hyperthreats

133. The Black Sea Thread in Russian Foreign Policy and How the United States Can Respond

134. Neglected Maritime Terrain in the Bay of Bengal: An Examination of the Future of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands

135. Ontological Security and Iran’s Missile Program

136. From geopolitical anomie to a syncretic metamodel of the Greater Black Sea Region – “Five Sea Region”

137. An evaluation of anti-terrorism laws in Pakistan: Lessons from the past and challenges for the future

138. Flood vulnerability of the critical infrastructure in Poland

139. Proposed method for building an anti-drone system for the protection of facilities important for state security

140. Protection of Polish critical infrastructure (CI) against air threats

141. Institutional corruption as the bane of critical infrastructure protection in Nigeria

142. Intelligent terrorism as a security threat to critical infrastructure

143. Preparing critical infrastructure for the future: Lessons learnt from the Covid-19 pandemic

144. Abstraction-decomposition space for critical infrastructure systems: A framework for infrastructure planning and resilience policies

145. The evolution of the Hungarian Defence Forces’ volunteer reserve component after the Cold War

146. Economic coercion as a means of hybrid warfare: The South Caucasus as a focal point

147. Analysis of strategic stakeholders in the Western Balkans

148. High power wireless power transfer for the future of the battlefield challenges

149. Rethinking & Revisiting Diplomacy Volume XXIII, Number 1

150. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - a Lethal Weapon of Tomorrow for Terrorists