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41. Outer Space, Information Warfare, and the Truth

42. Sea Denial and a Scorched Earth Policy in the West Philippine Sea

43. Role Conceptions and Leadership Rivalry in the Middle East: Transforming Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf Relations

44. PLA Airborne Capabilities and Paratrooper Doctrine for Taiwan

45. The Long Arm of the Law(less): The PRC’s Overseas Police Stations

46. China’s Emerging Approach to Taiwan: Blockade and Disinformation

47. Central African Republic Mine Attack: Can China Protect its Overseas Nationals?

48. Russia-Ukraine War Compels Japan to Reassess China Challenge, Shift Course on Security

49. Cyber-Nuclear Weapons: Impact on the Modern Warfare Landscape

50. Security Threats to Trade Management During the Mughal Era in South Asia (1500-1750)

51. Deciphering Pakistan Navy’s Role in CPEC Security: A Comprehensive Security Approach

52. Afghanistan morass: An analysis of Pakistan’s security after NATO withdrawal

53. Including Africa Threat Analysis in Force Design 2030

54. PART I: The Singleton Paradox On the Future of Human-Machine Teaming and Potential Disruption of War Itself

55. Defence expenditure and public debt in Greece: A non-linear relationship

56. Conclusions from the use of aviation in the first half of the first year of the Ukrainian-Russian war

57. Defensive lawfare and deterrence: Analysis of Latvia’s approach to legal bases in the context of hybrid warfare (2014-2022)

58. Unknown gunmen and insecurity in Nigeria: Dancing on the brink of state fragility

59. Leadership in police work applied to critical contexts: An integrative review and scientific mapping using VOSviewer and Google Trends tools

60. Implications of the war in Ukraine for the strategic communication system of the Polish Ministry of National Defence