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51. Gobernanza, gestión y políticas públicas: evaluación tridimensionalde la política de seguridad del Ayuntamiento dePuebla, México

52. Seguridad y defensa,de bienes públicos puros aun enfoquede bienes comunes


54. International terrorism, a threat present in Kosovo

55. El modelo de intervención militar ruso-soviético

56. ¿Hacia una Europa de la Defensa?

57. La relación de España con Argelia: Más allá de la colaboración energética

58. CTC Sentinel: August 2023 Issue

59. Strange Intimacies: Indo-Afghan Relations and the End of the War on Terror

60. Grayzone Aggression: The Need for Deterrence by Denia

61. Outer Space, Information Warfare, and the Truth

62. Sea Denial and a Scorched Earth Policy in the West Philippine Sea

63. China’s Use of Force in Territorial Disputes: Discontinuities Between Land and Sea

64. The importance of the United States in Poland’s military security policy in the context of the war in Ukraine

65. Cultural Security in the Context of the Analysis of the Religiosity of Belarusian Students

66. After the Kabul Hotel Attack: The Taliban and China Confront Security Challenges in Afghanistan

67. What Losing the Iran Deal Could Mean for the Region

68. Navigating R2P Between Norm and Practice

69. Fortune and Hazard for Algeria

70. You May not be Interested in COVID, but COVID is Interested in You

71. COVID-19 in Alberta

72. The Sultanate of Oman's Foreign Policy Towards the Yemen Crisis: Pillars and Limitations

73. Maritime Security in the Indo-Pacific Region" A View from the Geostrategic Position of the Malacca Strait

74. Drones and Resets: The New Era of Turkish Foreign Policy

75. Türkiye and the Russia-Ukraine War: Impact on the West, Central Asia, and the Caucasus

76. How the Conflict Over Ukraine Affects Security in the South Caucasus

77. ‘Strasbourg’ in the South Caucasus: The EU’s Opportunities, Obstacles, and Incentives

78. The “One China” Issue in U.S.-China Relations

79. The Lynchpin of the Middle Corridor

80. A Revitalized NATO and Its "New Strategic Concept" Amin Global and Regional Changes

81. NATO's Changing Priorities

82. Russia's Assault on Ukraine: Fallout From the War

83. The Historical Roots of NATO Engagement in the Mediterranean

84. The Future of Women, Peace, and Security at NATO

85. A Compass and a Concept: A Guide to the EU and NATO Strategic Outlooks

86. NATO After Madrid: Preparing for an Age of Confrontation and Disruption

87. NATO: The Importance of Activism in the Mediterranean Scenario

88. Change an Continuity in NATO's Nuclear Priorities

89. The Abraham Accords - Israel and the Middle East - What Next?

90. As Israel Looks East, The Gulf is Both a Way Station and a Destination

91. The Two-State Delusion

92. Peace, Security, or the Economy? Israeli Narratives About the Abraham Accords

93. Selective Reconciliation: The Rapprochement Between Israel and the Gulf Monarchies

94. From Terrorism to Banditry: Mass Abductions of Schoolchildren in Nigeria

95. Introducción a “Recursos desiguales: retos de la seguridad en la encrucijada de la sostenibilidad”

96. De la Agenda para la Paz a Nuestra Agenda Común: la “sostenibilidad” de la paz

97. Divergencias chino-estadounidenses y reconfiguración de la política exterior latinoamericana. Introducción al número especial

98. CPLP: the first twenty-five years

99. The United Nations mission in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration in Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

100. De la Agenda Normativa Al ‘Giro Pragmático’: Causas, Implicaciones y Dilemas de la Estrategia Securitaria de la UE en El Sahel