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751. The West: a securitising community?

752. 'Moral power' as objectification of the 'civilian'/'normative' 'EUlogy': the European Union as a conflict-dealer in the South Caucasus

753. Looking back: communist melancholia and post-socialist pains

754. Russia's energy relations in Europe and the Far East: towards a social structurationist approach to energy policy formation

755. Theorising the use of private military and security companies: a synthetic perspective

756. Why Did Iran Diplomacy Work This Time Around?

757. The EU's Democracy Promotion and the Mediterranean Neighbors Orientation, Ownership and Dialogue in Jordan and Turkey, Ann-Kristin Jonasson

758. Reconciliation and research in Afghanistan: an analytical narrative

759. The inconsequential gains and lasting insecurities of India's nuclear weaponization

760. Nuclear fears, hopes and realities in Pakistan

761. A Result That Resolves Little

762. Four lessons the EU should learn about energy security

763. Escaping a security dilemma: Anarchy, certainty and embedded norms

764. The US and Turkey in Search of Regional Strategy: Towards Asymptomatic Trajectories

765. España y Estados Unidos en un nuevo contexto estratégico

766. El largo camino hacia la gestión integral de la Crisis en la Unión Europea

767. The (in)securisation by military technologies and the significance of violence : a case-study of the NATO military intervention in Libya (2011) | L’(in)sécurisation par les technologies militaires et la mise en sens de la violence: Le cas de l’intervention militaire de l’OTAN au-dessus de la Libye (2011)

768. Counting for the sake of counting. The pratical manifestations of a criminological knowledge in local organisations dedicated to security | Compter pour compter Les manifestations pratiques de savoirs criminologiques dans les instances locales de sécurité

769. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Fall 2014

770. Military Security within the Framework of Security Studies: Research Results

771. Central Asian States: Matching Military Means to Strategic Ends

772. Russia’s View of Its Relations with Georgia after the 2012 Elections: Implications for Regional Stability

773. The Ukrainian Crisis and its Effect on the Project to Establish a Eurasian Economic Union Russian Politics in Times of Change: Internal and External Factors of Transformation Russia’s View of Its Relations with Georgia after the 2012 Elections: Implications for Regional Stability The “Color Revolutions” and “Arab Spring” in Russian Official Discourse Russia and the Arab Spring The Transfer of Power in Central Asia and Threats to Regional Stability

774. The Sixty Years of the Korea-U.S. Security Alliance: Past, Present, and Future

775. U.S. and Japan: New Policies toward the Korean Situations

776. Some "New Wicked Problems" of the Asia-Pacific Regional Maritime Security: Can Solutions be Found?

777. External threats, US bases, and prudent voters in Okinawa

778. Better a good neighbor than a distant friend: the scope and impact of regional security organizations

779. Ennahda Islamists and the Test of Government in Tunisia

780. Transnationalism with Chinese Characteristics?

781. Conceptualizing Containment: The Iranian Threat and the Future of Gulf Security

782. Military, Political Islam, and the Future of Democracy in Egypt

783. Debating Security in Turkey: Challenges and Changes in the Twenty-First Century

784. Chinese Scholarship on Iran and the Middle East

785. Peace, Women and Security: A Latin American Perspective

786. L'ennemi intérieur, de la guerre coloniale au contrôle sécuritaire

787. David C. Brotherton and Carlos E. Ponce debate: Can the gang truce in El Salvador help improve security?

788. Latin America Has Moved On: U.S. Scholarship Hasn't

789. Waiting for the "Bitles" in Mexico — World Games in Cali — Milkshakeburgers in the U.S. —10 Things to Do in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

790. Aldo Civico and Alfredo Rangel debate: Will the negotiations between the government and the FARC bring lasting peace to Colombia?

791. Celebrating Germany in Brazil — Dominica hosts the World Creole Festival — Tackling Mexico City's traffic jams —10 Things to Do in Antigua

792. Hard Talk: Gabriel Marcella and William McIlhenny debate: Should the U.S. spy on its allies?

793. Evolving Internal Roles of the Armed Forces: Lessons for Building Partner Capacity

794. Geopolitical Codes in Davutoğlu's Views toward the Middle East

795. Roaring in Libya, Whispering in Others: UN Security Council's Posture During the 'Arab Spring'

796. Inside-out and Outside-in: EU Security in the Neighbourhood

797. Security regionalism and flaws of externally forged peace in Sudan: The IGAD peace process and its aftermath

798. Proxy wars in cyberspace: The Evolving International Law of Attribution

799. Plausible Deniability: Proxy Wars in Africa

800. Purveyors of Terror: Counterterrorism in Africa's Failing States