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601. Can Moon Restore Sunshine?

602. The ROK–U.S. Alliance and the Third Offset Strategy

603. Analyzing Japan’s Role in Korean Security within the Framework of the Quasi-Alliance Model

604. The Canadian Armed Forces in the Arctic: Building Capabilities and Connections

605. Revisiting Africa in Canadian Security Planning & Assessment

606. Networked security between “restraint” and “responsibility”? Germany’s security policy towards Africa

607. Journal of Public and International Affairs 2016

608. KASHMIR: A Conflict between India and Pakistan

609. Water Scarcity- A Major Human Security Challenge to Pakistan

610. China Central Asia Relations and opportunities for Pakistan

611. Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy: Spring 2016

612. In Defense of The “Obama Doctrine”

613. The Dispatch (Spring 2016)

614. The Dispatch (Fall 2016)

615. Voter Characteristics and Leader Effects in a Post-Communist Context: The Case of the 2012 Legislative Elections in Romania

616. Between the Eagle and the Dragon: America, China, and Middle State Strategies in East Asia

617. Violence and Security Concerns in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland

618. El Cambio Climático en la Estrategia Global de Seguridad de la Unión Europea

619. Rusia y la Estrategia Global de Seguridad de la Unión Europea

620. The Communicative Dimension and Security in Asia-Pacific: A communicative-viewing proposal for reform of the Japanese Intelligence Services

621. Interrogating the “social life of methods” in critical approaches to security | Interroger la « vie sociale des méthodes » dans les approches critiques de la sécurité : expertise et enquête sur les questions de sécurité européenne

622. Shackled Liberties, or: How Security Came to Trump Everything Else

623. Anti-terrorism Legal Regime of Pakistan and the Global Paradigm of Security: A Genealogical and Comparative Analysis

624. Resurgence of Militancy in Ogoniland: Socio-Economic Perspective

625. Interactionds Between The Japan Self-Defense Forces and the United Nations and Its Repercussion to Japan's National Security

626. The Evolution of Peacekeeping: Suez, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo

627. From "Failed State" to Exporter of Security? Columbia and the Diplomacy of Security

628. Torn Asunder from Within: Ukraine and the Lessons for Global Security

629. Emerging Security Challenges: An Introduction

630. Policy and the Internet of Things

631. A Changing Security Paradigm. New Roles for New Actors – The Russian Approach

632. Towards More Effective Cooperation? The Role of States in Shaping NATO-EU Interaction and Cooperation

633. North Korea in South Korea–Japan relations as a source of mutual security anxiety among democratic societies

634. Youth, Peace, And Security: A New Agenda for the Middle East and North Africa

635. Summits Galore, But (Mostly) Business as Usual

636. Official Cooperation, Domestic Challenges

637. Summitry, Strength, and a Fourth Nuclear Test

638. Commitment Concerns

639. Limited Moderation amid Pressure and Complaints

640. Pyongyang’s Bang Explodes Hope

641. Moving in the Right Direction

642. Déjà Vu All Over Again … Only Worse!

643. ASEAN Centrality?

644. Politics of “Reluctant Allies”

645. Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2016 - Full Publication

646. Joint U.S.-Korea Academic Studies 2015 - Full Publication

647. America Inc? Innovation and Enterprise in the National Security State, Linda Weiss

648. No Use: Nuclear Weapons and U.S. National Security, Thomas M. Nichols

649. The Strategic Logic of Nuclear Proliferation

650. Racing toward Tragedy? China's Rise, Military Competition in the Asia Pacific, and the Security Dilemma