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1. Ten Years of Democratizing Data: Privileging Facts, Refuting Misconceptions and Examining Missed Opportunities

2. 2020 American Community Survey: Use with Caution, An Analysis of the Undercount in the 2020 ACS Data Used to Derive Estimates of the Undocumented Population

3. Migrating through the Corridor of Death: The Making of a Complex Humanitarian Crisis

4. Implications from the Guard's Extensive Use: A Cautionary Tale of 2020

5. Mass Migration as a Hybrid Threat? – A Legal Perspective

6. Immigration Policy as Foreign Policy

7. A Study and Analysis of the Treatment of Mexican Unaccompanied Minors by Customs and Border Protection

8. Reverse Migration to Mexico Led to US Undocumented Population Decline: 2010 to 2018

9. What’s Wrong with Temporary Protected Status and How to Fix It: Exploring a Complementary Protection Regime

10. The Use of Executive Orders and Proclamations to Create Immigration Policy: Trump in Historical Perspective

11. Is Regular Migration Safer Migration? Insights from Thailand

12. US Undocumented Population Continued to Fall from 2016 to 2017 and Visa Overstays Significantly Exceeded Illegal Crossings for the Seventh Consecutive Year

13. Bodily Inertia and the Weaponization of the Sonoran Desert in US Boundary Enforcement: A GIS Modeling of Migration Routes through Arizona’s Altar Valley

14. Fixing What’s Most Broken in the US Immigration System: A Profile of the Family Members of US Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents Mired in Multiyear Backlogs

15. The Effects of Immigration Enforcement on Faith-Based Organizations: An Analysis of the FEER Survey

16. Do Immigrants Threaten US Public Safety?

17. Paradoxes of Protection: Compassionate Repression at the Mexico–Guatemala Border

18. Venezuelan Migration and the Border Health Crisis in Colombia and Brazil

19. An Overview and Critique of US Immigration and Asylum Policies in the Trump Era

20. Universal Representation: Systemic Benefits and the Path Ahead

21. DACA and the Supreme Court: How We Got to This Point, a Statistical Profile of Who Is Affected, and What the Future May Hold for DACA Beneficiaries

22. Post-Conflict Peace-Building in a Contested International Border: The Nigeria-Cameroon Border Conflict Settlement and Matters Arising

23. The Diversity of Citizenship of Palestinians and its Impact on their Mobility: Passport and Visa Issues

24. Immigration and the War on Crime: Law and Order Politics and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996

25. DREAM Act-Eligible Poised to Build on the Investments Made in Them

26. Twenty Years After IIRIRA: The Rise of Immigrant Detention and Its Effects on Latinx Communities Across the Nation

27. Immigration Governance for the Twenty-First Century

28. From Right to Permission: Asylum, Mediterranean Migrations, and Europe’s War on Smuggling

29. The Case for a National Legalization Program without Legislation or Executive Action

30. Family Matters: Claiming Rights across the US-Mexico Migratory System

31. The Idolatry of Force: How Israel Embraced Targeted Killing

32. A Newer Hamas? The Revised Charter

33. Refugees Flee into Yunnan After Renewed Violence Along Myanmar Border

34. From “False Tourists” to “Smugglers”: The French Border Police and the Redefinition of its Targets (1953-2004) | Des « faux touristes » aux « filières » : la reformulation de la cible des contrôles par la police aux frontières (1953-2004)

35. “We abhor racism”: Migration Control and a Culturalist Approach to Racial Violence in 1970s France | « Nous exécrons le racisme » : contrôle migratoire et approche culturaliste des crimes racistes dans la France des années 1970

36. Redefining American Families: The Disparate Effects of IIRIRA’s Automatic Bars to Reentry and Sponsorship Requirements on Mixed-Citizenship Couples

37. You are Not Welcome Here Anymore: Restoring Support for Refugee Resettlement in the Age of Trump

38. National Interests and Common Ground in the US Immigration Debate: How to Legalize the US Immigration System and Permanently Reduce Its Undocumented Population

39. Another Story: What Public Opinion Data Tell Us About Refugee and Humanitarian Policy

40. US Immigration Policy and the Case for Family Unity

41. Is Border Enforcement Effective? What We Know and What It Means

42. A Statistical and Demographic Profile of the US Temporary Protected Status Populations from El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti

43. Kidnapped, Trafficked, Detained? The Implications of Non-state Actor Involvement in Immigration Detention

44. The “Right to Remain Here” as an Evolving Component of Global Refugee Protection: Current Initiatives and Critical Questions

45. The Right to Leave by Sea: Legal Limits on EU Migration Control by Third Countries

46. Producing Undesirables at the Border. Border Control Practices at a European Airport | La fabrique des indésirables Pratiques de contrôle aux frontières dans un aéroport européen

47. Unlocking Human Dignity: A Plan to Transform the US Immigrant Detention System

48. Humanitarian Protection for Children Fleeing Gang-Based Violence in the Americas

49. In Harm’s Way: Family Separation, Immigration Enforcement Programs and Security on the US-Mexico Border

50. The Lampedusa Border. Setting the plot around security and humanitarianism | La frontière Lampedusa. Mises en intrigue du sécuritaire et de l’humanitaire