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1. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

2. Subnational policies and migration in the USA: post-national citizenship or sovereignty?

3. Managing Crises, the Least-Bad Option

4. AlMostaqbal: Envisioning a Better Arab Future

5. s It Time to Bury the Two-State Solution?

6. Framing the Partition Plan for Palestine

7. Competing Economic Visions in the Gulf

8. “Strong, but Anxious State”: The Fantasmatic Narratives on Ontological Insecurity and Anxiety in Turkey

9. Land Grabbing and International Political Economy: Towards a Critical Neo-Gramscian Theoretical Model of Land Governance in Latin America

10. Fighting for Sustainable Solutions and Greener Governance in India

11. The Impact of Corporate Governance And Its Consequences On Protecting The Bank's Assets: Empirical Evidence From Kosovo Banks

12. Afghanistan Under Taliban: A new Regime Poses a Threat to International Stability

13. The Legal Role of Government in Protecting Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Sites in the War-Affected Countries: The Case of Iraq and Syria

14. French Immigration Policy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

15. África y (Sur) América Latina: Un interregionalismo posible, una alianza improbable

16. Statesmanship for Political Economy in the National Interest

17. Extraordinary Legal Measures and Their Application as a Response of States to the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

18. European Security Management at the National Level. A Comparative Analysis of Strategies for the Development of Defence Capability in the United Kingdom and Poland

19. Ancillary Units as a Tool of Sublocal Governance in the Polish Major Cities

20. Forms of the Government Administration’s Impact on the Activities of Local Governments During the COVID-19 Pandemic