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1. Karabakh and Azerbaijani Statecraf

2. The Advisory Function of the International Court of Justice: Are States Resorting to Advisory Proceedings as a “Soft” Litigation Strategy?

3. Is There Hope for Gaza Under International Law?

4. Genocide on the Docket at the Hague

5. The Trajectory of International Relations Dissertations in Turkish Academia Between 2000 and 2020

6. Dogmatik and International Criminal Law: Approximations in the Realm of ‘Language’ and ‘Grammar’

7. The Settlement of EEZ Fisheries Access Disputes under UNCLOS: Limitations to Jurisdiction and Compulsory Conciliation

8. Compulsory Settlement of EEZ Fisheries Enforcement Disputes under UNCLOS: “Swallowing the Rule” or “Balancing the Equation”?

9. Customary International Law Requiring States to Grant Nationality to Stateless Children Born in Their Territory

10. Scylla and Charybdis: The Self-Determination of Peoples Versus the Territorial Integrity of States

11. Extradition in the Criminal Procedural Legislation of Ukraine:" Compliance With The European Standards

12. Radical Islamism: Trajectories of Human Rights Violations and Abuses in Africa

13. Towards Sustainable Peace and Cooperation

14. International Law and Order Enforcement: Police Assistance Programs and Politics in US-Brazil Relations

15. An Unlikely Duo? Regionalism and Jus Cogens in International Law

16. Dynamic Belt and Road Initiative and the Global South’s Approach to Sustainability

17. Is the International Law Commission Taking Regionalism Seriously (Enough)?

18. Interpretation and Application of the ECHR: Between Universalism and Regionalism

19. Military Intervention on Request in Jus Ad Bellum and Jus In Bello and the question of recognition of governments

20. Missed Communications and Miscommunications: International Courts, the Fragmentation of International Law and Judicial Dialogue

21. Great Expectations and a Missed Opportunity. The Special Tribunal For Lebanon and the Objectives of the United Nations Security Council. A Critical Perspective/Grandes expectativas y una oportunidad perdida. El tribunal especial para el Líbano y los objetivos del Consejo de Seguridad de Naciones Unidas. Una mirada crítica

22. The Emotional Backdrop of Legal Discourses in South China Sea Disputes

23. Integrated Space Situational Awareness Systems: SDA and SSA – Advantages and Limitations

24. The ICC and Palestine: Breakthrough and End of the Road?

25. Refouling Rohingyas: The Supreme Court of India's Uneasy Engagement with International Law

26. The Role of the Judiciary in Recognizing and Implementing International Law: A Comparative Analysis with Special Reference to Sri Lanka

27. The Leadership Requirement of the Crime of Aggression Under the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court

28. Enforcement of the European Union Law Before the Albanian Constitutional Court and the High Court

29. The Evolution of the Prohibition of Genocide: From Natural Law Enthusiasm to Lackadaisical Judicial Perfunctoriness – And Back Again?

30. Perspectives for a New International Crime Against the Environment: International Criminal Responsibility for Environmental Degradation under the Rome Statute

31. International Society and Its Institutions in Refugee Protection during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Revisiting the Solidarism/Pluralism Debate in English School

32. Moral Imperatives and Legal Realities: The Perennial Conundrum of Humanitarian Intervention