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1. How Poster Art of the “Long 1960s” Fueled International Solidarity

2. The Legal Role of Government in Protecting Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Sites in the War-Affected Countries: The Case of Iraq and Syria

3. A Salute to Cultural Diplomacy and Those Who Make It Possible

4. Language and Cultural Immersion Build Effective Communication

5. Public and cultural diplomacy in European cities and states’ branding

6. Church of Woke: Next American Religion?

7. National Identity in the Guest Room: The Palestinian “Duyuf”

8. The UAE Art Scene: Challenges and Opportunities

9. More than a Monolith

10. Shared History, Divided Consciousness: The Origins of the Sino-ROK Cultural Clash amid the Pandemic

11. The Pandemic and its Impact on the South Korea-Japan Identity Clash

12. The Coronavirus: Fueling Concerns and Contrasts between India and China

13. The Russo-U.S. National Identity Gap and the Indo-Pacific in 2021

14. The Sino–U.S. National Identity Gap and Bilateral Relations

15. Circles, networks, and relations of Jerzy Giedroyc and “Kultura”

16. Cultural Security in Shaping the Generation of Civilizational Advancement Within the Universalization of Cultural Transformations. Based on Research Conducted in Samoa

17. Beijing Brushstrokes

18. Legitimacy and Significance of Art. 2A in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973

19. Role of Social media in Amplifying Neo-Liberal Cancel Culture

20. 'Humanising' Statelessness through an Artistic Approach

21. Intrastate cultural and socio-political influences and the realisation of national security: A two-level correlational analysis

22. Dimensions of freedom and self-governance: Past, present, future

23. Economic Well‐​Being under Plan versus Market: The Case of Estonia and Finland

24. The Cultural Reflections on the Middle Eastern Geopolitics: An Assessment on the Cultural Heritage | Ortadoğu Jeopolitiğinde Kültürel Yansımalar: Kültürel Miras Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme

25. Iranians Turn Away from the Islamic Republic

26. Beer-Pong Diplomacy: A Diplomat’s Guide to Drinking in China

27. When Glasnost Opened Soviet Doors for American English

28. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Spring 2020

29. The Art of Resistance in the Palestinian Struggle Against Israel

30. Women Participation as Agent of Citizens Diplomacy through Solo International Performing Art (SIPA)

31. Poland’s Cultural Relations with Middle-Eastern Arab Countries

32. Language and Politics in India and China: A Cross-Cultural Comparative Study

33. China in the Geopolitical Imaginations of the Polish Pop Music after 1989

34. Language and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa

35. Community-based reconciliation in practice and lessons for the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission of Zimbabwe

36. Migrations and Security. The Problematic Circularity ‘Philosophy, Law and Politics’

37. Can Religious Human Rights Discourses Help Integrating Muslim Migrant Communities Across Europe?

38. Protecting Protected Areas in Bello: Learning From Institutional Design and Conflict Resilience in the Greater Virunga and Kidepo Landscapes

39. Lepcha Chieftains of the 17th–18th Centuries, based on Tibetan and Bhutanese Sources

40. Evolution of the Meaning of Happiness in Modern Bhutan from 2008 to 2019

41. Descriptive Analysis of Need Assessment of the Scouting Programmes for Nazhoen and Nachung Scouts in Thimphu District

42. Attitude of Students of Gedu College of Business Studies Towards Reading Dzongkha

43. The Georgian Herald Samizdat Journal

44. The Regime for Protecting Cultural Property during Armed Conflicts: An Analysis of the Historical Development

45. Role of Middle Class in Bringing Democratic Governance in Pakistan

46. Cultural Evolution: People’s Motivations are Changing, and Reshaping the World, Ronald F. Inglehart

47. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Economics of Defense

48. Contract Cheating In Serbia and In Sweden

49. Signals of Adaptive Social Readiness as a Cornerstone and a Driving Force of Russian Authoritarianism

50. Chinese and Western Comedy – an Introduction into Cross-Cultural Humour Research between Taiwan, China and the West

51. Casualties of War: The Legacy of South Korean Participation in the Vietnam Conflict

52. Wartime Experiences and Indigenous Identities in the Japanese Empire

53. Embracing Indigenous culture in military organizations: the experience of Māori in the New Zealand military

54. Canadian Dilemma: Is There a Path from Systemic Racism Toward Employment Equity for Indigenous People in the Canadian Forces?

55. The Art of Diplomacy

56. Pakistani Tile Mosaic Work: A Remarkable Ornamentation in the Contemporary Mosques of South Asia

57. A New Era of Multiculturalism and the Role of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in 21st Century

58. Socio-Political History of Nepal: A Case Study of Nepali Local Government System

59. Freedom of Expression and Justiciability in Pakistan

60. Event Review: Critique, Dissent, and Solidarity--the Politics of Modern Middle Eastern Art

61. Vice President Nixon and Cold War Public Diplomacy

62. A Rare Bloom in Beijing

63. The Chávez Era Perspective for an Innovative Cultural Policy

64. Planting the Seed: Ethnic Policy in Xi Jinping’s New Era of Cultural Nationalism

65. The Daydreams of Polyphony: From The Music Revolution to The Birth of Turkish Popular Culture

66. The Role of Trauma in Romania’s Ontological Security

67. Choice of Language and the Quest for Israeli Identity in the Works of Tuvia Ruebner and Aharon Appelfeld

68. The Hero’s Wife: The Depiction of Female Holocaust Survivors in Israeli Cinema Prior to the Eichmann Trial and in its Aftermath

69. Israeli Identity on the Run: the Quest for a Non- National Position in Contemporary Israeli Literature

70. Deconstructing the Topos of Poland as a Jewish Necropolis in Texts by Israeli Authors of the Third Post- Holocaust Generation

71. The Response of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee to the Crisis of Soviet Jewish Émigré Dropouts (Noshrim) in the 1970s

72. Creating a National Identity through Agricultural Education in Mandatory Palestine

73. Cultural Diversity in the Cameroon Higher Education Policy Definition: A Historical Appraisal

74. Beyond “Recognition”. The Polish Perspectives on Israeli and Palestinian National Identities: Preliminary Assumptions of Research

75. The Domestic Dimension of Israeli Public Diplomacy

76. Time to Yell “Cut?” An Evaluation of the California Film and Production Tax Credit for the Motion Picture Industry



79. Democracy’s “Near Misses”

80. New Azerbaijani Prose in the Context of All Turkish Literature

81. The Role of Official News Releases of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in the Success of the Korean Wave

82. Reversed Ethnography in the Reception of the Korean Wave

83. The U.S. Adaptation of Korea’s Unscripted Format in the New Korean Wave Era: A Case Study of Grandpas Over Flowers

84. Staging Hallyu: K-Pop and K-Drama Reimagined in Asian American Theater

85. K-pop Fans’ Reaction Videos and Their Implications for Korean Language Learning

86. Sources of Conflict in South Korean Parricides, 1948-1963

87. Addressing Controversial Topics in Public Diplomacy

88. The Return of Cultural Genocide?

89. A Note on Tsangmo, a Bhutanese Quatrain


91. Civilizational Transformation of Society: The Value Dimension

92. On the Question of the Genesis of the International Style. The Contribution of Kharkiv Avant-garde Movement of the 1920s–1930s to the Formation of the Modern Visual Culture

93. Morocco's Return to the African Union: Strengthening the Continent's Future

94. Investing in Iraq's Cultural Heritage

95. Sports Diplomacy: Dispelling Myths and Building Bridges in an Age of Disinformation

96. A Case for Intercultural Communication Training

97. A Comparison of Hindu and Muslim Caste System in Sub-Continent

98. Cultural Scenario of Pakistan in Democratic and Military Eras (1947-2013)

99. Making Saudi Arabia Fun Again?

100. On the Borders of Cultural Relativism, Nativism, and International Society: A Promotion of Islamist Democracy in the Middle East after the Arab Uprisings