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201. OTAN, España y el FrenteSur. Análisis geopolítico tras cuarenta años de experiencia compartida

202. Estrategia militar de la OTAN: doctrinas y conceptos estratégicos. Recepción en España

203. España en la OTAN: una relación mediatizada por EEUU

204. ¿Un buen aliado? Análisis de la visión estadounidense sobre el rol español en la OTAN

205. 40 años dela pertenencia de España a la OTAN: desafíos pasados y futuros de una relación procelosa

206. ¿Puede la OSCE (todavía) contribuir a la seguridad europea?

207. Desradicalizacióny desvinculación:aspectos formales y teóricos

208. El manifiesto terrorista como instrumento de análisis del proceso de radicalización: el caso de la extremaderecha

209. Administration and National Defense: Analysis of the relationship between two areas of scientific knowledge in Brazil

210. Towards Sustainable Peace and Cooperation

211. Distrust in the heartland: explaining the Eurasian “Organization Gap” through the Russo-Chinese relations

212. Global South Perspectives on International Relations: new frameworks for Transboundary Water Analysis

213. Mirroring its British masters: state and outsourced terrorism against the Maoist insurgency

214. Historical relations between Brazil and Paraguay: negotiations and quarrels behind Itaipu Dam

215. Politicization, Foreign Policy and Nuclear Diplomacy: Brazil in the Global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime after the NPT

216. Negotiations in international procurement management: the case of Bank BIC internationalization project within the CPSC space

217. CPLP: the first twenty-five years

218. The relationship between Portuguese and indigenous languages in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries: an existential sociolinguistics perspective

219. Global threat landscape 2022

220. The United Nations mission in disarmament, demobilization and reintegration in Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste

221. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) through economic diplomacy strategy. Study of Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

222. Indonesia´s interests in winning biodiesel disputes in the World Trade Organization

223. The Indonesia-Australia partnership to counter radicalism and terrorism in Indonesia

224. What do terrorist think. Analizing the Bali bombers memoirs

225. The attitude of the international community to the October 1997 student protests in Kosovo

226. The Western Sahara conflict in the Algerian Moroccan relations

227. Transformation Challenges for the International Humanitarian Law System: Migration Crisis as the Latest Tool For Hybrid Warfare. (A Vision From Ukraine)

228. The Indonesian Government´S Intervention in the Management Of Indonesian Migrant Workers´ Remittances: Natural, Technical and Ultimate Restrictions

229. State Identity, Perception to Diaspora, and Diaspora Policies in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia

230. Talking with Terrorists: Hostage Release Negotiation with the Abu Sayyaf Group in Southern Philippines

231. Dispute Resolution between the Philippines and China: Fishing Activities in the South China Sea

232. ASEAN’s Response to the Myanmar Military Coup: From Non-Intervention to Responsibility to Protect

233. Hong Kong´s Football Rivalry With the People´s Republic Of China as a Reflection of Local Identity Evolution

234. The Indo-pacific and Southeast Asia: The Impact of External Strategies on Southeast Asia and Asean’s Response

235. África y (Sur) América Latina: Un interregionalismo posible, una alianza improbable

236. La Politica de Francia en el Norte de África y África Occidental: Nuevas Narrativas, Viejas Legitimidades

237. De la Agenda Normativa Al ‘Giro Pragmático’: Causas, Implicaciones y Dilemas de la Estrategia Securitaria de la UE en El Sahel

238. El Papel de un Reino Unido Post-brexit y su Nuevo Rol en el Africa Subsahariana

239. Los Estados medio-orientales en su competencia por recursos y alianzas en África subsahariana (2000-2021)

240. Estados Unidos y África. Historia de una no-política

241. Rusia en África. Nuevas dinámicas desde el Kremlin

242. China en África: Objetivos, instrumentos e implicaciones estratégicas

243. África: Competencia y sustitución en un entorno estratégico de rivalidad. Introducción al número especial

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245. September 2022 Issue

246. August 2022 Issue

247. July 2022 Issue

248. June 2022 Issue

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254. Performance and Accountability: A Case of Bhutanese Civil Service

255. The Impact on Early Bhutanese Coinage of Contentious Relations Between Bhutan and Cooch Behar from 1772 to 1774

256. A Critical Analysis of Degrowth Debates Through the Lens of Gross National Happiness (GNH): Refraining from the Conventional View of Plurality*

257. So Old and Yet So New: Buddhist Education and the Monastic Curriculum in Contemporary Bhutan

258. Violence as A Form of Political Conduct: The Case of the Islamic State

259. Inequality in Education Among Turkish Young Individuals, 1988-2020.

260. Covid Döneminde Finansal Varlıklar Arasındaki Nedensellik Farklılaşması (Causality Differentiation Between Financial Assets During COVID Era)

261. Bölünmüş Toplumlarda Anayasa Yapımı: Güney Afrika Deneyimi (Constitution-Making Processes in Divided Societies: The South African Experience)

262. Role of Perceived Intergroup Difference on Stereotype Content

263. Türkiye’de Bölgelerarası Sosyo-Ekonomik Gelişmişlik Farklarının Azaltılmasına Yönelik Politikalar: Güneydoğu Anadolu Projesinin (GAP) İncelenmesi (Policies for Reducing Inter-Regional Disparities of Socio-Economic Development in Turkey: An Investigation of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP))

264. Anne Baba Eğitim Düzeylerine Göre Okul Öncesi Dönem Çocuklarının Sosyal-Duygusal Yeterliliği (Social-Emotional Competence of Pre-School Children by Their Parents' Educational Level)

265. A More Complete Realism: Grand Strategy in a New Key

266. Statesmanship for Political Economy in the National Interest

267. Women’s Liberation in Soviet, Sino, and American State Building: Theory and Practice

268. Professing Literature: The Example of Austin Warren

269. A German Tocqueville? The Unrecognized Importance of Francis Lieber’s Letters to a Gentleman in Germany, or The Stranger in America

270. Civil Society & Political Transformations (Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, Fall 2021)

271. Estonia as an Area of Russian Influence: Analysis and Synthesis of the Kremlin’s Methodology of Exerting Influence on Tallinn’s Political and Social Stability

272. Russia Against Ukraine Before the European Court of Human Rights. The Empire Strikes Back?

273. Hybrid Warfare or Hybrid Threat – The Weaponization of Migration as an Example of the Use of Lawfare – Case Study of Poland

274. Psychological Determinants of Individual Radicalisation

275. Strategic Ambiguity in US-Taiwan Relations During the Donald Trump Administration

276. Extraordinary Legal Measures and Their Application as a Response of States to the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

277. European Security Management at the National Level. A Comparative Analysis of Strategies for the Development of Defence Capability in the United Kingdom and Poland

278. Ancillary Units as a Tool of Sublocal Governance in the Polish Major Cities

279. Forms of the Government Administration’s Impact on the Activities of Local Governments During the COVID-19 Pandemic

280. Risks and Benefits of i-Voting in Public Opinion: Evidence from Poland

281. Cities, Transnational Law, and COVID-19

282. Migration and Foreign Aid as Factors Restraining Regional Cooperation in the South Pacific

283. COVID-19 as a Green Light for the Regeneration of ISIS’ Forces in North-East Syria

284. Selected Problems of Security Control in Civil Aviation Based on Own Empirical Research

285. Indo–French Defence Cooperation in the Light of Regional Security Balance in South Asia

286. The Europeanisation of the Local Self-Government in the South Caucasus

287. Hydrogen and Its Role in Post-Pandemic Recovery. Case Study of Portugal

288. University Participatory Budgets. From Municipalities to Higher Education?

289. The Legality of the Restrictions of the Civil and Political Rights in Poland During the First Wave of the Coronavirus Pandemic

290. Where in the World Is Barbados?

291. Books for the Baltics

292. Considering a Career with the State Department

293. Rebuilding Diplomacy: DACOR Conference Summary

294. Captive Nations Once, NATO Allies Now

295. From Soviet State to Independent Estonia

296. Launching USAID Programs in the New Independent States

297. Public Diplomacy in Newly Independent Kazakhstan

298. Pioneer Diplomacy in Newly Independent Kazakhstan

299. Dubai Expo Pavilions Put Public Diplomacy Front and Center

300. The Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection: A National Treasure