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1. The Geopolitical Consequences of COVID-19: Assessing Hawkish Mass Opinion in China

2. After Trump: Enemies, Partisans, and Recovery

3. Spring 2022 edition of Strategic Visions

4. Renewing Growth in Puerto Rico: Evaluating the Island’s Transition to Distributed Solar Energy

5. Young, Gifted, and Black: Inequitable Outcomes of Gifted and Talented Programs

6. Subnational policies and migration in the USA: post-national citizenship or sovereignty?

7. Multilateralism: A Realist View

8. New Thinking on Democracy at Home and Abroad

9. Go Big on Soft Power: A Smart Countering Violent Extremism Strategy

10. Diversity Divide: Supporting the State Department’s Asian American and Pacific Islander FSO's

11. A Solid Handoff in the U.S-India Relationship

12. Cuba’s Unresolved Civil War

13. Outer Space and International Diplomacy

14. ‘Defence Against Help’ Revisiting a Primary Justification for Canadian Participation in Continental Defence with the United States

15. Abolishing School Resource Officers Amidst the Black Lives Matter Movement: A History and Case Study in Oakland and Los Angeles

16. Leveraging Submarine Cables for Political Gain: U.S. Responses to Chinese Strategy

17. Overcoming Contemporary Reform Failure of the National Flood Insurance Program to Accelerate Just Climate Transitions

18. Reforming U.S. Export Controls to Reflect the Threat Landscape

19. Power Transition in the South China Sea Challenges for Regional Peace

20. In 2019, the US Undocumented Population Continued a Decade-Long Decline and the Foreign-Born Population Neared Zero Growth

21. American Regionalism and Brazilian Diplomatic Discourse (1946-2019)

22. US Foreign Policy to South America since 9/11: Neglect or Militarisation?

23. The Trump Foreign Policy Legacy In The Middle East

24. What Is Wrong?

25. US-Iran Relations After Trump: The Path to Peace is Open

26. Cuban-American Relations Through The Lens of a Cuban American

27. American Invasion And Withdrawals Post 9/11

28. The challenge to US hegemony and the “Gilpin Dilemma”

29. The demise of the INF Treaty: a path dependence analysis

30. The Economic Impact of Tax Changes, 1920–1939

31. How Misaligned Incentives Hinder Foster Care Adoption

32. Barber Licensing in Arkansas: Public Health or Private Gain?

33. U.S. Trade Policy toward China: Learning the Right Lessons

34. Lessons for the Fed from the Pandemic

35. A Reckoning Looms for America’s 50‐​Year Financial Surveillance System

36. Ten Stablecoin Predictions and Their Monetary Policy Implications

37. Reflections on Monetary Policy and Its Future

38. Bargaining power and U.S. military aid in the post-cold war era

39. Assessments and foreign policy implications of the national security of the Republic of Serbia

40. The Era of Dis-and-Misinformation Volume XXII, Number 1

41. Georgian Ethnopolitical Conflicts as a Subject of Confrontation between the USA and Russia

42. #MeToo and US Politics: Analyzing the Twitter Conversation

43. The Nature of the Engagement of the United States in the Syrian Crisis: A Thematic Analysis

44. Taiwan’s Shifting Role in the Global Supply Chain in the U.S.- China Trade War

45. The Future of U.S. Supply Chains: National Security and the Pandemic

46. The Pandemic and its Impact on the South Korea-Japan Identity Clash

47. The Russo-U.S. National Identity Gap and the Indo-Pacific in 2021

48. The Sino–U.S. National Identity Gap and Bilateral Relations

49. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific: A View from the United States

50. The Pandemic as a Geopolitical Gamechanger in the Indo-Pacific: The View from China

51. The Emergence of a Latino Political Ethnicity: 1990 to the Era of Trump

52. Vengeful Citizens, Violent States: A Theory of War and Revenge, Rachel Stein

53. Neighborhood Defenders: Participatory Politics and America’s Housing Crisis, Katherine Levine Einstein, David M. Glick and Maxwell Palmer

54. Dangerously Divided: How Race and Class Shape Winning and Losing in American Politics, Zoltan L. Hajnal

55. Is the Republican Party Destroying Itself? (And Why It Needs to Reclaim Its Conservative Ideals), Thomas E. Patterson

56. Competition for High Politics in Cyberspace: Technological Conflicts Between China and the USA

57. The United States in India's Strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region Since 2014

58. Joe Biden’s Strategy in the Asia-Pacific Region: Change or Continuity. A Comparative Analysis

59. Beyond Borders: Middle East in Empire, Diaspora, and Global Transitions (Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, Spring 2021)

60. Transforming Military Technology Through Aquisition Policy

61. Bringing Down the Hammer On Chinese Tech

62. Russian New and Experimental Nuclear-Capable Missiles: A Short Primer

63. Win-Win Cooperation: Welcoming Hong Kong Refugees Would Benefit the United States

64. Forget China: A Policy for an Interconnected Region

65. Adversaries or Competitors: A Conversation on U.S. - China Relations with David Dollar

66. Pandemic Preparedness: A Conversation with Dr. Jennifer Nuzzo (Interviewed by Dana Hatic)

67. The UN Security Council: Stress Tested

68. Currency Power & International Security

69. Medical Security, Covid Challenge and the U.S. - Japan Alliance

70. The Essentiality of Cognitive Diversity in American National Security

71. Do Morals Matter? A Conversation with Dr. Joseph Nye

72. Losing the Long Game: A Conversation with Phillip Gordon (Interviewed by Zach A. Shapiro)

73. At the Brink of Nuclear War: Feasibility of Retaliation and the U.S. Policy Decisions During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

74. Foucauldian Panopticon: A Model for U.S. Cyber Surveillance

75. How to Win a “Long Game”: The Voting Rights Act, the Republican Party, and the Politics of Counter-Enforcement

76. U.S. Geopolitics and Nuclear Deterrence in the Era of Great Power Competitions

77. Policy or Pique? Trump and the Turn to Great Power Competition

78. The Presidential and Congressional Elections of 2020: A National Referendum on the Trump Presidency

79. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Political Warfare and Propaganda

80. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Wargaming and the Military

81. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Special Issue on Strategic Culture

82. Impacts of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion in California

83. Saving the Census: Assessing Willingness to Participate in the Census

84. COVID-19 and California’s Detained Youth: Vulnerable and Overlooked

85. Migrant caravans in U.S.-Mexico relations/Las Caravanas de Migrantes Entre México y Estados Unidos

86. Mexico 2018-2021: Pandemic, Crisis, Security and Geopolitics/México 2018-2021: Pandemia, Crisis, Seguridad y Geopolítica

87. A Decade of War in Syria: Current Situation and Possible Outcomes/Una Década de Guerra en Siria: Situación Actual y Posibles Desenlaces

88. November 2021 Issue

89. September 2021 Issue

90. July/August 2021 Issue

91. April/May 2021 Issue

92. March 2021 Issue

93. February 2021 Issue

94. January 2021 Issue

95. Saudi Arabia: A Colossus with Clay Feets/Arabia Saudí: Un coloso con los pies de barro

96. A disavowed ambassador: José María de Areilza and Spain´s failed entry into NATO/Un embajador desautorizado: José María de Areilza y el fallido ingreso de España en la OTAN (1954-1960)

97. The U.S. Needs to Up Its Economic Game in Southeast Asia

98. Engaging with Africa Strategically

99. Rethinking Stability in Africa

100. Seizing a Historic Opportunity: the U.S.-DRC Privileged Partnership for Peace and Prosperity