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1. The California Voting Rights Act and Local Governments

2. Financing Medicaid: Federalism and the Growth of America's Health Care Safety Net, Shanna Rose

3. America Inc? Innovation and Enterprise in the National Security State, Linda Weiss

4. Old Habits, New Consequences: Pakistan's Posture toward Afghanistan since 2001

5. Thomas Piketty's Capital and the Developing World

6. Saving Congress from Itself: Emancipating the States Empowering Their People

7. Special Responsibilities: Global Problems and American Power

8. Old world, new world: the evolution and influence of foreign affairs think-tanks

9. The Sixty Years of the Korea-U.S. Security Alliance: Past, Present, and Future

10. U.S. and Japan: New Policies toward the Korean Situations

11. Church, State, and the Crisis in American Secularism

12. Iran in the American Executive-Legislative Relationship

13. Plan Colombia: A Retrospective

14. Dispatches From The Field: Havana

15. Book reviews on Álvaro Uribe's presidential memoir, U.S.-Venezuela relations and Brazilian multinationals.

16. Pablo Solón and Gregory Weeks debate: Will ALBA outlive Hugo Chávez?

17. Fighting for Aboriginal women — Promoting literature for social change — Defending undocumented immigrants — Connecting investors to social impact.

18. Cross-border e-commerce — Telecommunications reform in Mexico — Emerging debt markets

19. LGBT and women's rights in Argentina — Providing credit-worthiness online — Promoting political debate in Cuba — "Old Media" in the digital age

20. U.S. seaport expansion — Dual-language instruction in the U.S. — Capital controls in the region

21. Hard Talk: Gabriel Marcella and William McIlhenny debate: Should the U.S. spy on its allies?

22. Celebrating Afro-Peruvian culture through dance — Bringing essential services to Detroit — Creating a global market for Guatemalan weavers — Bringing education to Chile's Indigenous people

23. Competitive eating in the U.S. — Quemada-Diez' new film La Jaula de Oro — 10 Things to do in Patagonia — Latin America at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

24. Anthony Spanakos looks at Venezuela befoAnthony Spanakos looks at Venezuela before Chávez — Roger-Mark De Souza examines Indigenous rights and Amazon oil conflicts — Johanna Mendelson Forman on new approaches to regional security.

25. Review article—Leaving Vietnam: Nixon, Kissinger and Ford, 1969–1975. Part three: January 1973–July 1975

26. Israel Lobby in the US and Iran-P5+1 Negotiations

27. The End of Power

28. An Interview with Lieutenant General Mike Flynn

29. Internet Privacy: Who Sets the Global Standard?

30. Operation Twist-the-Truth: How the Federal Reserve Misrepresents Its History and Performance

31. The Troubling Suppression of Competition from Alternative Monies: The Cases of the Liberty Dollar and E-gold

32. Guatemalans returning home from the U.S. face unemployment, a maze of red tape—and social stigma. (slideshow available)

33. Finding multimedia stardom in Chile — Building soccer pitches for kids around the Americas — Digitizing ecofriendly wedding albums for Brazilians — Linking Indigenous Guatemalans to the Web.

34. Visiting Cuba — Argentina's currency devaluation — Integrating new immigrants in the United States.

35. Iran's Continuing Interests in Afghanistan

36. From the Editor

37. The Loneliness of Israel. The Jewish State's Status in International Relations

38. Letters to the Editor

39. Central Asia and the Afghanistan Security Dilemma: Amelioration, Retrograde, or Status Quo? Central Asia's Role in Regional Security Regarding Afghanistan after 2014

40. Strategic Communication for Security National Defense: Proposal for an Interdisciplinary Approach

41. The Asymmetric Warfare Environment as Described by the Participants

42. Ballistic Missile Defense in Poland: Did the Costs Outweigh the Benefits?

43. GAO Report on Security Force Assistance: More Detailed Planning and Improved Access to Information Needed to Guide Efforts of Advisor Teams in Afghanistan

44. Defending America in Cyberspace

45. Dodd-Frank: Money Never Sleeps

46. Misunderestimating Bush and Cheney

47. A Kinder, Gentler Immigration Policy

48. Left Out

49. The End of Hypocrisy

50. Accepting Austerity

51. Interagency Rebuilding Efforts in Iraq: a Case Study of the Rusafa Political District

52. An Interview with Dennis Blair