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1. Old Habits, New Consequences: Pakistan's Posture toward Afghanistan since 2001

2. Christian Just War Reasoning and Two Cases of Rebellion: Ireland 1916-1921 and Syria 2011-Present

3. Iran's Foreign Policy in Post-Taliban Afghanistan

4. The Diffusion Of Intra-Islamic Violence And Terrorism: The Impact Of The Proliferation Of Salafi/Wahhabi Ideologies

5. Collective evil and individual pathology: The depoliticization of violence against Afghan civilians

6. China-Taiwan Relations: Bumps along the Road

7. Ending the War in Afghanistan

8. Afghanistan: Withdrawal Lessons

9. Hearts, Minds, and the Barrel of a Gun: The Taliban's Shadow Government

10. A Strategy of "Congagement" toward Pakistan

11. Village Stability Operations and Afghan Local Police

12. Justifying sacrifice: Barack Obama and the selling and ending of the war in Afghanistan

13. "Development and the Battle for Swat"

14. Iran's New Security Environment Imperatives: Counter Containment or Engagement with the US

15. Defence Policy: After Pakistan

16. Taliban's Factor in U.S.-Iran Relations: 2001-2009

17. Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Insecure Environments: Learning from Afghanistan

18. Afghanistan Ten Years After...

19. The Comprehensive Approach in Afghanistan

20. Airpower in Counterinsurgency and Stability Operations