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1. Korean Newspapers, Korean Sovereignty over Dokdo and Ulleungdo, and Early Japanese Intrusions

2. Has the Ghost that Ruined the Country Been Resurrected? The Puzzle of South Korea’s Domestic and Foreign Policies

3. Normalization by Other Means—Technological Infrastructure and Political Commitment in the North Korean Nuclear Crisis

4. The Origins of the Korean Language: A Linguist’s Perspective

5. Chinese, Russian, Japanese, and Korean Strategies for Northeast Asian Cross-Border Energy Connectivity

6. Hidden Memory and Memorials The Monument in Memory of the Korean Victims of the Atomic Bomb and the Remembrance of Korean Victims

7. The Image of the North Korean in Contemporary South Korean Cinema

8. Buying Allies: Payment Practices in Multilateral Military Coalition-Building

9. Can Memories of the Japan-Korea dispute on “Comfort Women” Resolve the Issue?

10. The Role of Official News Releases of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in the Success of the Korean Wave

11. K-pop Fans’ Reaction Videos and Their Implications for Korean Language Learning

12. Chinese Views of Korean History in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries

13. Chinese Views of Korean History to the Late 19th Century

14. Chinese Views of Korean History

15. Where Are E-governments in South Asian Countries? A Comparative Approach

16. Security ties or electoral connections? The US Congress and the Korea–US Free Trade Agreement, 2007–2011

17. A chronic protection problem: the DPRK and the Responsibility to Protect

18. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Fall 2014

19. The Sixty Years of the Korea-U.S. Security Alliance: Past, Present, and Future

20. U.S. and Japan: New Policies toward the Korean Situations

21. North Korea's Strategic Goals and Policy towards the United States and South Korea

22. Sizing U.S. Ground Forces: From ''2 Wars'' to ''1 War + 2 Missions''

23. Invisible legacies: Brazil's and South Korea's shift from ISI towards export strategies under authoritarian rule

24. China-Korea Relations: How Does China Solve a Problem like North Korea?

25. Confrontation of Two Blocs in the Korean War: Historical Context

26. Parsing China's power: Sino-Mongolian and Sino-DPRK relations in comparative perspective

27. China-North Korea Relations after Kim Jong-Il

28. The Right Steps to ROK Defense Reform: How to Overcome Constraints

29. A Strategy for Dealing with North Korea's Provocations

30. The Impact of the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement On Both Economies

31. The Abductions Issue in Japan and South Korea: Ten Years after Pyongyang's Admission

32. The Failure of the Bush Administration's North Korea Policy: A Critical Analysis

33. Defense on a Diet

34. A Critical Analysis of the U.S. "Pivot" toward the Asia-Pacific: How Realistic is Neo-realism?

35. At a Time of Uncertainty, Count on North Korea

36. Assessing the Asia Pivot

37. Identity Politics and Policy Disputes in U.S.–Korea Relations

38. Grappling on a Hillside

39. Korea–European Union relations: beyond the FTA?

40. US-Korea Relations: A Tumultuous Ending of Year 2010

41. Japan-Korea Relations:The New Cold War in Asia?

42. China-Russia Relations:Coping with Korea

43. Chronology of India Relations with US and East Asia:January – December 2010

44. The absence of non-western IR theory in Asia reconsidered

45. Nuclear Logics: Contrasting Paths in East Asia the Middle East

46. South Korea-North Korea Relations: Not Getting Better

47. Rays of Hope?

48. A Turning Point?

49. Securitizing trade: the case of the Korea–US free trade agreement

50. A New Kind of Korea