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1. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) through economic diplomacy strategy. Study of Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

2. Indonesia´s interests in winning biodiesel disputes in the World Trade Organization

3. The Indonesia-Australia partnership to counter radicalism and terrorism in Indonesia

4. What do terrorist think. Analizing the Bali bombers memoirs

5. The Indonesian Government´S Intervention in the Management Of Indonesian Migrant Workers´ Remittances: Natural, Technical and Ultimate Restrictions

6. State Identity, Perception to Diaspora, and Diaspora Policies in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Indonesia

7. Indo–French Defence Cooperation in the Light of Regional Security Balance in South Asia

8. The Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway and the Future of the Belt and Road Initiative

9. Counterinsurgency, Emergency, and Civil-Military Relations in Indonesia

10. The Terrorist Threat Forecast in 2021

11. The Role of Islam in Indonesian Foreign Policy: A Case of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono Introduction

12. Mediating effect of Indonesia’s public trust on national security from the sense of safety, knowledge, and willingness to participate in state defence efforts

13. Indo-Iran Relations in the Changing Regional Environment Implications for South Asia

14. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 12 Issue 03: COVID-19 and Terrorism

15. Comparing the Perceptions of Indonesians and Malaysians toward the China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Facts and Trends

16. Modern Migration Pattern in Indonesia: Dilemmas of a Transit Country

17. Coattail Effect Strategy of Gerindra Party in 2019 Concurrent Election

18. The Interplay of Incumbency, Political Dynasty and Corruption in Indonesia: Are Political Dynasties the Cause of Corruption in Indonesia?

19. Bottom-Up Model Analysis of Community Involvement in the Sister City Cooperation for Flood Mitigation in East Kalimantan

20. Women Participation as Agent of Citizens Diplomacy through Solo International Performing Art (SIPA)

21. Enhancing Women Contribution in Peace, Conflict Resolution, and Security Agenda: Indonesian Female Peacekeepers in the United Nations Peacekeeping Operation (Garuda Contingent – KONGA)

22. Indonesia’s Foreign Policy Towards Malaysia in the Post Soeharto Era: A Case Study of Ambalat Dispute

23. History and Engagement in the Work of Bezerra de Menezes

24. France's “Indo-Pacific” Strategy: Regional Projection

25. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 11 Issue 07: Southeast Asia’s Evolving and Resilient Militant Landscape

26. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 11 Issue 05: Thematic Challenges in Terrorism: Foreign Terrorist Fighters, De-radicalisation and Far-Right Groups

27. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 11 Issue 02: Geographically Diverse, Organisationally Complex and Gender Inclusive Islamist Terrorist Landscape

28. Financial Central and Regional Relations Within the Government Enforcement in Indonesia

29. China’s Future Naval Base in Cambodia and the Implications for India

30. Southeast Asia’s Troubling Elections: Nondemocratic Pluralism in Indonesia

31. Indonesian Political Economy: A Historical Analysis

32. The Spread Out Strategy of the Main Weapons Tool System of the Indonesian Air Force in the Region of the Republic of Indonesia

33. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 10, Issue 11: Need for Flexible and Adaptive Counter-Terrorism Policies

34. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 10, Issue 04: Preventing Violent Extremism through Madrassa Reforms and Counter-Narratives

35. June/July 2018 Issue

36. The Ethnic Conflicts and Mass Media

37. Counter Terrorist Trends and Analyses (CTTA) – Volume 9, Issue 07: ‘IS Ingress in Southeast Asia‘

38. Migration governance and the migration industry in Asia: moving domestic workers from Indonesia to Singapore

39. IMS-Growth Triangle, SADC and APEC: A Brief Analysis of Regional Integration and Transborder Relations from Critical Geopolitical Perspectives

40. Title to Territory in the Post-Colonial Era: Original Title and Terra Nullius in the ICJ Judgments on Cases Concerning Ligitan/Sipadan (2002) and Pedra Branca (2008)

41. There and Back Again: On the Diffusion of Immigration Detention

42. Between Aspiration and Reality: Indonesian Foreign Policy After the 2014 Elections

43. Dicing with death penalties in Indonesia

44. China-Southeast Asia Relations: China's Toughness on the South China Sea – Year II