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11. What is at Stake in China-Bhutan Boundary Negotiations?

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14. India and Iran Relations under the Shadow of Global Politics: A Brief Historical Overview

15. The United States in India's Strategy in the Indo-Pacific Region Since 2014

16. Indo- US Strategic Objectives in Afghanistan: Security Calculus of Pakistan

17. Religious Tourism and Peace Building: Kartarpur Corridor as a Peace Symbol in India-Pakistan Conflict and Inter-Faith Harmony

18. India-Pakistan Relations: Can Guru Nanak be a Factor of Peace?

19. Sino-Indian Nuclear Dynamics: Taking the Global Lead

20. The Prospects for Sino-Indian Relations During Modi’s Second Term

21. India-China relations reconsidered: A realist perspective on India´s border dispute with its neighbour

22. Kashmir and Global Powers

23. Pakistan-US Relations after 9/11: Points of Divergence

24. Decoding U.S.-India Relations: A Conversation with Ambassador Tim Roemer

25. Why India Won’t Play Its ‘Tibet Card’

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27. Opportunities and Challenges for Mozambique From the Indian Expansion in Africa

28. Democratic Peace, Pakistan-India relations and the possibilities of economic cooperation in South Asia

29. India—Pakistan Relations: Does Modi Matter?

30. Back in the Same Orbit and Back on Earth

31. Modi's Unexpected Boost to India-U.S. Relations

32. Indo-Pakistan Trade Relations: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Daily Dawn