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1. The Soft Touch of International Financial Regulation: Status, Flaws and Future

2. The Evolution of the Prohibition of Genocide: From Natural Law Enthusiasm to Lackadaisical Judicial Perfunctoriness – And Back Again?

3. Perspectives for a New International Crime Against the Environment: International Criminal Responsibility for Environmental Degradation under the Rome Statute

4. Enhancing the Protection of the Environment in Relation to Armed Conflicts – the Draft Principles of the International Law Commission and Beyond

5. Reflections on the Legality of Attacks Against the Natural Environment by Way of Reprisals

6. Through the Looking Glass: Corporate Actors and Environmental Harm Beyond the ILC

7. Business, Armed Conflict, and Protection of the Environment: What Avenues for Corporate Accountability?

8. Enhancing Environmental Protection During Occupation Through Human Rights

9. The Martens Clause and Environmental Protection in Relation to Armed Conflicts

10. Precaution in International Environmental Law and Precautions in the Law of Armed Conflict

11. An Analysis of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Light of its Form as a Framework Agreement

12. The Perils of Judicial Restraint: How Judicial Activism Can Help Evolve the International Court of Justice

13. Evaluating the Zero Draft on a UN Treaty on Business and Human Rights: What Does it Regulate and how Likely is its Adoption by States/

14. Constitutionalism and the Mechanics of Global Law Transfers

15. International Investment Law and the Rule of Law

16. Universal Jurisdiction in Absentia Before Domestic Courts Prosecuting International Crimes: A Suitable Weapon to Fight Impunity?

17. The International Responsibility of Non-State Armed Groups: In Search of the Applicable Rules

18. Modification of Renewable Energy Support Schemes Under the Energy Charter Treaty: Eiser and Charanne in the Context of Climate Change

19. Pandemic Declarations of the World Health Organization as an Exercise of International Public Authority: The Possible Legal Answers to Frictions Between Legitimacies

20. vSoft Authority against Hard Cases of Racially Discriminating Speech: Why the CERD Committee Needs a Margin of Appreciation Doctrine

21. The UN Declaration on the Rule of Law and the Application of the Rule of Law to the UN: A Reconstruction From an International Public Authority Perspective

22. Towards a New International Law of the Atmosphere?

23. The Use of Scholarship by the WTO Appellate Body

24. The Evolution of Arms Control Instruments and the Potential of the Arms Trade Treaty

25. Combating Illegal Fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone – Flag State Obligations in the Context of the Primary Responsibility of the Coastal State

26. Between Evolution and Stagnation – Immunities in a Globalized World