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1. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

2. Navigating R2P Between Norm and Practice

3. Political Analysis of the Purchase and technology Transfer Process for Gropen Fighters

4. Las políticas de seguridad y defensa como valor público y bien común

5. Climate Change: A Global Governance Challenge, Requiring Local Specific Responses - The Challenge of Formulating a Successful Response at The Appropriate Governance Level

6. Extraordinary Legal Measures and Their Application as a Response of States to the First Wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic

7. International development cooperation as a global governance policy

8. Back to sovereignty? Policy space in investor-State dispute settlement

9. La pobreza como vector de inseguridadglobal e interna: una aproximación regulatoria

10. Pobreza y desigualdad en laagendadel Consejo de Seguridad: un análisis de sus resoluciones

11. Tecnología y desigualdad: la gobernanza tecnológica como nuevo paradigma de la seguridad internacional

12. Space Traffic Management (STM) – Legal Aspects

13. Multilateralism and the Superpower

14. Tianxia (All-Under-Heaven): An Alternative System or a Rose by another Name?

15. Women and Children First

16. Going Beyond the Add-and-Stir Critique: Tracing the Hybrid Masculinist Legacies of the Performative State

17. Public Policy: An Amorphous Concept in the Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

18. How Govenrment Outflow and Public Debt Affect Inflation: Evidence from See Countries

19. Contemporary Challenges to Global Democracy

20. June 2020 Issue