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1. International Relations in Search of an Antidote

2. The Monroe Doctrine as the Will and Idea of the United States of America

3. Patents, Pandemics, and the Private Sector: The Battle Over Public Health Norms During COVID-19

4. The Future of Digital Evidence Authentication at the International Criminal Court

5. Theorizing The State and Its Autonomy in Western IR: A Comparative Analysis of Realist and Historical Sociological Approaches

6. Reflexive Solidarity: Toward a Broadening of What It Means to be “Scientific” in Global IR Knowledge

7. Globalizing IR: Can Regionalism offer a path for other Sub-Disciplines?

8. Methodological Nationalism in International Relations: A Quantitative Assessment of Academia in Turkey (2015-2019)

9. ntroduction to the Special Issue Anxiety and Change in International Relations

10. Anxiety, Ambivalence and Sublimation: ontological in/security and the world risk society

11. Is Critique Still Possible in International Relations Theory? A Critical Engagement with IR’s Vocation

12. The Importance of the English Language in Public Diplomacy and International Relations

13. Negotiations in international procurement management: the case of Bank BIC internationalization project within the CPSC space

14. A More Complete Realism: Grand Strategy in a New Key

15. The Rise and Fall of Homegrown Concepts in Global IR: The Anatomy of ‘Strategic Depth’ in Turkish IR

16. Research Perspectives and Boundaries of Thought: Security, Peace, Conflict, and the Anthropocene

17. The Interactions of International Relations: Racism, Colonialism, Producer-Centred Research

18. Tianxia (All-Under-Heaven): An Alternative System or a Rose by another Name?

19. Systemic Reconfiguration of Capitalism: Applying Ruggie’s Critique of Waltz in Economics

20. How not to Globalise IR: ‘Centre’ and ‘Periphery’ as Constitutive of ‘the International’