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251. "Priorities for Engagement": An Interview with Ambassador Meera Shankar

252. Sorry States: Apologies in International Politics

254. Mastering Global Financial Crises: a German Perspective

255. Are the Afghan Taliban Involved in International Terrorism?

256. The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World

257. What Type of Islamism for Europe? Islamism in Germany and the Netherlands

258. The "Going" of the Third Reich: Recivilizing Germans through Political Education

259. "Subaltern Nationalism" and the West Berlin Anti-Authoritarians

260. Access to Secret Police Files, Justice, and Vetting in East Germany since 1989

261. Migration and Cultural Interaction across the Centuries: German History in a European Perspective

262. New Places, New Identities: The (Ever) Changing Concept of Heimat

263. We Acted as Though We Were in a Movie—Memories of an East German Subculture

264. When the Son Is Older than the Father: Dominik Graf's Denk ich an Deutschland Television Film

265. Transport Infrastructure in Shrinking (East) Germany

266. No Longer on the Periphery: German-Polish Cross-Border Relations in a New Institutional Context

267. From Family to Reconciliation Policy: How the Grand Coalition Reforms the German Welfare State

268. The Left Party and the Long-Term Developments in the German Party System

269. Tragedy, Surrogation and the Significance of African- American Culture in Postunification Germany: An Interpretation of Schultze Gets the Blues

270. The Yugoslav Tragedy

271. Misreading Berlin... in the Lead into the Iraq War

272. The Catholic Church: An Underestimated and Necessary Actor in International Affairs

273. Stumbling Toward Eurabia

274. Berlin's Best Hope

275. Tracking the Dragon

276. Systemic Changes and State Identity: Turkish and German Responses

277. Legal Responses to Jihadist Terrorism. The Germany's Example

278. Germany, Afterwards

279. Social Cohesion in China: Lessons from the Latin American Experience

280. Beyond the Deadlock: How Europe Can Contribute to UN Reform

281. First into Nagasaki: The Censored Eyewitness Dispatches on Post-Atomic Japan and Its Prisoners of War by George Weller, edited and with an essay

282. The Emerging Structure of International Politics

283. The Origins of Chancellor Democracy and the Transformation of the German Democratic Paradigm

284. "No more Potsdam!": Konrad Adenauer's Nightmare and the Basis of his International Orientation

285. Western Integration vs. Reunification? Analyzing the Polls of the 1950s

286. The “Social Market Economy” and its Impact on German European Policy in the Adenauer Era, 1949-1963

287. Adenauer, Erhard, and the Uses of Prosperity

288. Translating Economics into Politics in Cold War Germany

289. On the Road to a German “Postnationalism”? Athletic Competition between the Two German States in the Era of Konrad Adenauer

290. Representation without Emulation: German Cultural Diplomacy in Search of Integration and Self-Assurance during the Adenauer Era

291. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright: SPD-Left Party/PDS Coalitions in the Eastern German Länder

292. "The Whole World Is In Uproar": Discourses of Fear, Instability, and Global Change in West German Media, 1977-1980

293. British-German Relations and Collective Memory

294. Spying on Terrorists: Germany in Comparative Perspective

295. Germany's Involvement in Extraordinary Renditions and Its Responsibility under International Law

296. Entertaining Auteurism: Popular Filmmakers Think About Germany

297. The Denk ich an Deutschland Films of the Two Andreases from the East: Kleinert's Bewildering Berlin and Dresen's Stagnating Uckermark

298. Soixante ans après: pour un état des lieux de mémoire

299. Terrorism and Heroism: The Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich

300. Two Europes vis-à-vis Enlargement: A comparative study of two competing approaches regarding the EU enlargement project in the case of Turkey