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101. Leadership in Hard Times: Germany, France, and the Management of the Eurozone Crisis

102. The Élysée Treaty and European Integration Theory

103. The Élysée Treaty in the Context of Franco-German Socio-cultural Relations

104. Sarkozy and Merkel: The Undeniable Relevance of the Franco-German Bilateral Relationship in Europe

105. Changing Partners at Fifty? French Security Policy after Libya in Light of the Élysée Treaty

106. Germany's Energiewende: The Prospects of a Grand-Scale Project

107. Muslim Organisations and Intergenerational Change in Germany

108. Challenges for the German Welfare State before and after the Global Financial Crisis

109. After the Welfare State, edited by Tom G. Palmer

110. International Peace: One Hundred Years On

111. Peace as a Transnational Theme

112. Common Ground: U.S. and NATO Engagement with Russia in the Cyber Domain

113. Security Agencies and Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry in Germany: Transparency vs. Confidentiality

114. Reciprocal Perceptions Between Western Balkan Countries And The EU: News Coverage on the EU Accession Process In Daily Newspapers

115. Moral Combat: Good and Evil in World War II by Michael Burleigh

116. What if Europe Fails?

117. The relevance of Nicos Poulantzas for contemporary debates on 'the international'

118. The New Monetary Economics Revisited

119. Humanity's Law

120. Where Romanticism was Female