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201. Distance Learning in the Bundeswehr: Skills Are More Than Knowledge

202. Development of Operational Thinking in the German Army in the World War Era

203. "Military Doomsday Machine"? The Decisions for War 1914

204. Politics by other means: Canadian "Strategy" and the Italian Campaign, 1943

205. The Evolution of Strategic Thinking in World War I: A Case Study of the Second Battle of the Marne

206. Strategy "in a microcosm": Processes of tactical learning in a WWI German Infantry Division

207. The German Army and the Defense of the Reich: Military Doctrine and the Conduct of the Defensive Battle 1918-1939.

208. Editorial

209. The War Hitler Won: The Battle for Europe, 1939-1941

210. German Counterinsurgency Revisited

211. Occupation Duty In The Dysfunctional Coalition: The Italian Second Army And Its Allies In The Balkans, 1941–43

212. Bomber Harris and Precision Bombing – No Oxymoron Here

213. A neglected story: German prisoners of war in Italy (1945-1947)

214. Ursula Wokoeck, German Orientalism: The Study of the Middle East and Islam from 1800 to 1945

215. Corry Guttstadt, Die Tükei, die Juden und der Holocaust

216. Should Israel Become a "Normal" Nation?

217. Bismarck, Wilhelm II., and German Military Leadership

218. Strategic Thinking: The French Case in 1914 ( 1940)

219. The Significance of the Balkans as a Strategic-Operational Area for the Bundeswehr

220. Mark Osborne Humphries and John Maker, eds. Germany's Western Front, 1915: Translations from the German Official History of the Great War, Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2010

221. The Past as Prologue: Sustaining Canadian Capacity for Defence, Diplomacy and Development

222. Daniel Moeckli. Human Rights and Non-discrimination in the 'War on Terror'.

223. German development policy 1998–2005: the limits of normative global governance

224. Afghanistan: The German Factor

225. Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

226. Guest Editor's Note

227. Bigger Is Better

228. Energy Security: For a Stronger Foreign Policy and a Safer Nation

229. Individualization and Institutionalization of Islam in Europe in the Age of Securitization

230. The Turkish Minority in German Politics: Trends, Diversification of Representation, and Policy Implications

231. Force of Islam: Muslim Temporal Spacing in the German Diaspora

232. Exil unter Halbmond und Stern

233. An Analysis of the Headscarf Issue in Feminist Debates in Germany

234. Erratum

235. Democracies, Human Rights, and Collective Action

236. Briefly Noted

237. German Foreign Policy After the Unification: Last Steps of "Normalization"

238. It's the Economy, Stupid – Only This Time, Everywhere

239. Obama Must Lead at Financial Summit; or G-20 Could Become "G-19 + 1"

240. Nuclear Energy: A New Future in Europe

241. Europe Should Tackle Gazprom Monopoly

242. Forget Bretton Woods II: the Role for U.S.-Japan-China Trilateralism

243. The Myth of a No-NATO-Enlargement Pledge to Russia

244. The Perils of Apology: What Japan Shouldn't Learn From Germany

245. "Handbook of International Humanitarian Law"

246. Globalization in Retreat

247. Which Way Is History Marching?

248. Ending the Korean War: the Role of Domestic Coalition Shifts in Overcoming Obstacles to Peace

249. After War. The Political Economy of Exporting Democracy

250. The Coming Conflict With Russia