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1. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

2. Reasons for the West’s Hatred of Russia

3. Legacy of the Troubles: The Role of Civil Society in Providing Justice for Victims in Northern Ireland

4. Bringing Russia Back in From the Cold

5. Prospects for Pax Caucasia? The 3+3 Regional Cooperation Initiative

6. The Alliance of Civilizations and the Role of Spain

7. Armenia Adapts to New Postwar Realities

8. Turkey’s Changing Posture on Russia and America

9. Terms, Conditions, Intersecting Interests Turkey and Regional Cooperation After the Second Karabakh War

10. The English School and Global IR – A Research Agenda

11. Russia's War and The Future of European Order

12. Europe's Hour of Reckoning

13. Markets, Governments, and Crises in the Past and Future of the EU

14. The Crisis of Civilization Paradigm: Co-Radicalization of Islamist and Populist Groups in Europe

15. Impact of the War in Ukraine: What id the Future of EU- Africa Relations?

16. Brexit and the Future off the European Union

17. Turkey and the Future of Europe: A History

18. Putting an End to "Crisis Europe"

19. Enlargement of the European Union: Lessons from the Western Balkans

20. War, Peace, and (in)Justice in the Nuclear Age

21. Dialogue for OSCE Renewal - Shifting Security Back to the People

22. The Role of EU in the Libyan Conflict

23. European Union and the Euro: A Bigger Global Role Beckons

24. Is there a Future for Europe

25. “Strong, but Anxious State”: The Fantasmatic Narratives on Ontological Insecurity and Anxiety in Turkey

26. Anxiety, Dissonance and Imperial Amnesia of the European Union

27. Taming Anxieties, Coping with Mnemonic Conflicts: Cultural Diplomacy of Crimean Tatar and Lithuanian American Diasporas through historical films

28. “Ethnicizing” the EU’s involvement in post- conflict societies: The case of ontological insecurity in Republika Srpska

29. Ontological Insecurity, Anxiety, and Hubris: An Affective Account of Turkey-KRG Relations

30. Turkey as Normative Power: Connections with the Muslim Brotherhood during the Arab Spring

31. Construction of European identity by the Pro- European Parties

32. The Complexity Effect in U.S.-Turkey Relations: The Restructuring of the Middle East Regional Security

33. R (Begum) v Special Immigration Appeals Commission; R (Begum) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; Begum v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2021] UKSC 7, [2021] AC 765

34. The Evolution of Russia’s Foreign Policy Doctrine

35. State Politics of Memory in Ukraine After the Euromaidan

36. Local Self-0Government in a Crisis Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Serbia

37. The Impact of Corporate Governance And Its Consequences On Protecting The Bank's Assets: Empirical Evidence From Kosovo Banks

38. The Current Migrant and Refugee Crisis in Europe: Refugee Reception Centers in South-East Bulgaria

39. Social Capital And Its Changes In Armenia: Challenges and Expectations

40. The Impact of Demographic Factors in Consumer Purchasing Preferences in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence From Kosovo

41. Extradition in the Criminal Procedural Legislation of Ukraine:" Compliance With The European Standards

42. The Current Stage of Basel III Application And Its Consequence On Financial Stability: Evidence From Kosovo

43. The Power of Small EU Member States After Brexit: How Powerful Is the Visegrad Group?

44. Rural Depopulation in Spain: Next Generation EU As A Stimulus To Accelerate The Transformation

45. China's Development Assistance to the Western Balkans and Its Impact on Democratic Governance and Decision-Making

46. Collective Memory In The Context of Content Reconfiguration: The Anecdotes of the Soviet and Post-Soviet Era

47. The Challenges of Public Administration Reforms in Kosovo in the Context of Eurointegration Process

48. Evaluating Macroeconomic Factors And Their Influence on Economic Growth: Empirical Evidence From Western Balkan Economies

49. Assessing the Effects of Trade Liberalization With Third Countries: The Case of the Eurasian Economic Union

50. Switching from Cash to Cashless Payments: Consumer Behavior Evidence From Kosovo