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1. East Vs. West: A New Cold War?

2. IMperial or Colonial: The War is Fought Over The Soviet Past an A Broken Relationship

3. The West Versus The Rest: The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine And The Crisis Of The "Post-Western" Order

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5. East-West Relations: A New Cold War?

6. The Impact of the Ukrainian-Russian War on Rwanda

7. Will Turkiye Find Herself A Place in the New World Order?

8. From East to North: New Frontiers for the EU-NATO Arctic Defence

9. Concerns for Food Security in the Mediterranean and Turkiye

10. Exploring the Russian Perspective on the War in Ukraine: Demography's Power and Ukraine's Uniqueness

11. A "Civil Association" Between the European Union and Russia

12. Why Romania is a NATO "Model Ally?"

13. Towards a Fuzzy World Order: What Role for NATO

14. Rebuilding "Greater Russia" and the Invasion of Ukraine

15. Impact of economic sanctions on net commodity-producing and net commodity-consuming countries

16. Strategic Survival in Syria

17. The Putin Doctrine: What is it? The Russian Strategic Issue and the Enlarged National Security

18. Russia’s Ukraine Revanchism: Dugin, Neo-Eurasianism, and the Emerging World Order

19. Lessons Learned from the Development of Turkish IR: A View from Greece

20. Reasons for the West’s Hatred of Russia