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1. Markets, Governments, and Crises in the Past and Future of the EU

2. Local Self-0Government in a Crisis Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Serbia

3. Meloni at the Helm: What Does Italy’s New Government Mean for Sino-Italian Relations?

4. Migration trends and challenges in the Visegrad countries

5. America’s Unipolar Moment of Renewal or Collapse?

6. The Results of 2019 Parliamentary Elections in the Perspective of 2018 Local Government Elections

7. The Structure of Government Elites within the Regime of Alaksandar Lukashenka

8. Leaders, Managers or Administrators – Mayors in Central and Eastern European Countries

9. Ukraine on the Eve of Election Year: Public Demand, Positions of Political Actors, Outline of the New Government

10. Hebrew and Polish: Mutual Influences and Their Contribution in Creating a Polish Criminals’ Jargon

11. Transforming Turkey? Putting the Turkey-European Union Relations into a Historical Perspective

12. Journal of Advanced Military Studies: Climate Change & Policy

13. British Public Opinion and Mass-Elite Relations on EU Enlargement: Implications on the Democratic Deficit Debate

14. Political Parties in Multi-Level Polities: The Nordic countries compared

15. The Rotating Council Presidency and the New Intergovernmentalism

16. EU/Ukraine Relations and the Crisis with Russia, 2013-14: A Turning Point

17. Income Inequality: Piketty and the Neo-Marxist Revival

18. China's Views of the TPP

19. A Year After Euromaidan: Pro-European Forces Wins the New Parliament

20. The Kurdistan Regional Government Elections: A Critical Evaluation

21. Civilizational Discourse, the 'Alliance of Civilizations' and Turkish Foreign Policy

22. A Result That Resolves Little

23. What Van Gend en Loos Stands For (Abstract only)

24. Revolutionizing European Law: A History of the Van Gend en Loos Judgment (Abstract only)

25. Germany after the Elections: Prospects for Europe?

26. Chinese Scholarship on Iran and the Middle East

27. Book reviews on Chilean democracy, the region's commodity boom and the politics of redistribution.

28. Pablo Solón and Gregory Weeks debate: Will ALBA outlive Hugo Chávez?

29. Cuba's bid for foreign investment — The Pacto por México — The Canada-EU Trade Agreement.

30. Turkey's Ergenekon Imbroglio and Academia's Apathy

31. 'Broken and Can't Be Fixed': The Impact of the Economic Crisis on the Greek Party System

32. Internet Privacy: Who Sets the Global Standard?

33. Special Responsibilities: Global Problems and American Power

34. Securing energy or energising security: the impact of Russia's energy policy on Turkey's accession to the European Union

35. Back to the future for Syria

36. The Arab Spring and the European Response

37. Lessons from the European Crisis

38. Nermin Abadan-Unat, Turks in Europe (London: Berghahn 2011)

39. Europe's Armed Forces in Civil Security

40. NATO's Energy Security Policy Put to the Caspian Test

41. Left Out

42. Land Reform in Ukraine

43. Government, Geography, and Growth

44. The Failed Divorce of Serbia's Government and Organized Crime

45. Draining Development? Controlling Flows of Illicit Funds from Developing Countries

46. Poker Lessons From Richelieu

47. Chinese Overseas Investment in the European Union

48. The New Monetary Economics Revisited

49. Britain's coalition government and EU defence cooperation: undermining British interests

50. The Genesis of the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services)