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1. The Impact of Globalization and the Interconnectedness with the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Between Canada and the European Union

2. Volume 71 Issue 2

3. A Specter is Haunting the West (?): The BRICS and the Future of Global Governance


5. A Value-Driven European Future

6. Schizophrenie du droit international

7. Gregory Shaffer (ed.). Transnational Legal Ordering and State Change , Terence C. Halliday, Gregory Shaffer (eds). Transnational Legal Orders

8. The End of Geography: The Changing Nature of the International System and the Challenge to International Law: A Reply to Daniel Bethlehem

9. Habermas and European Integration: Social and Cultural Modernity Beyond the Nation-State

10. Table of Contents

11. Understanding the Nature of Local-Global Interactions in Istanbul’s Retail Property Market

12. Causes and Consequences of the Recent European Crisis: Can Polanyi help us understand problems of the Eurozone?

13. Could Turkey Be a Dominant Regional Power?: The Rise of Turkey as a Country of Middle-East and Europe

14. Emerging powers, North–South relations and global climate politics

15. Table of Contents

16. The Armed Forces' Development at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century from the Polish Perspective

17. The Making of a Mess: Who Broke Global Finance, and Who Should Pay for It?

18. Forget Bretton Woods II: the Role for U.S.-Japan-China Trilateralism

19. Europe Is Losing Out in Global Competition Among Universities: A Talk with Richard Descoings, Head of Sciences Po in Paris

20. The Way Globalization Actually Works in Europe

21. Old Paradigms, Challenging Realities, New Interpretations

22. Religion et politique en France dans le contexte de la construction européenne

23. Le référendum français de ratification du Traité constitutionnel européen du 29 mai 2005