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1. EU Governance: Struggle Between Cooperation and Competition

2. Debating the Merits of the "Turkish Model" for Democratization in the Middle East

3. Book Review: Change and Opportunities in the Emerging Mediterranean.

4. Could Turkey Be a Dominant Regional Power?: The Rise of Turkey as a Country of Middle-East and Europe

5. The European Union: A Schumpeterian Model of Democracy?

6. Roma Question: Reflecting the Internal Debate within the European Union

7. Global Combat against Terrorism and Money Laundering: A Historical Perspective with Assessment and Strategy

8. Learning from Dependency and World System Theory : Explaining Europe's Failure in the 'Lisbon Process'

9. Security Debates and Alliance against Terrorism

10. Passive Globalization and the Failure of the European Union's Lisbon Strategy, 2000-2010: Some New Cross-National Evidence

11. Right-wing Populism and the European Union

12. European Union Conditionality: Coercion or Voluntary Adaptation?

13. Tectonic Shifts and Systemic Faultlines: A Global Perspective to Understand the 2008-2009 World Economic Crisis

14. Between Ethnic-Nationalism, Civic-Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism: Discourses on the Identity of the EU and the Debates on Turkey's Accession

15. Ballistic Missile Defense in Europe

16. Re-thinking 'Normative Power Europe' from a Historical Perspective: Non-European Integration and the "Normative Shift"

17. Harmonizing Foreign Policy: Turkey, the EU and the Middle East (Mesut Ozcan)

18. Democracy in the European Union and the Treaty of Lisbon

19. Winning Turkey: How America, Europe and Turkey Can Revive a Fading Partnership

20. Russia and Azerbaijan: Relations after 1989

21. Postcolonialism and Postcoloniality: A Premortem Prognosis