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61. Plan Z: Reassessing Security-Based Accounts of Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

62. The Ethical Character of Russia's Offensive Cyber Operations in Ukraine: Testing the Principle of Double Effect

63. Revisiting the Global Posture Review: A New U.S. Approach to European Defense and NATO in a Post-Ukraine War World

64. Russia's Nuclear Strategy: Changes or Continuities

65. Russia's War in Ukraine: Two Decisive Factors

66. “Trying Not to Lose It” The Allied Disaster in France and the Low Countries, 1940

67. Intermediate Force Capabilities: Countering Adversaries across the Competition Continuum

68. Breaking the Stalemate in the Study of the Relationship of Mutual Military Buildups, Arms Races, and Militarized Disputes: The Greece-Turkey/Ottoman Empire Cases

69. The changing face of Russia’s information war against Ukraine and other democratic countries: Lessons and recommendations. Interview with Professor Sinan Aral

70. The attack-reconnaissance squadron as a new formula and a new quality of the attack helicopter squadron of the Polish Armed Forces

71. Defence expenditure and public debt in Greece: A non-linear relationship

72. Conclusions from the use of aviation in the first half of the first year of the Ukrainian-Russian war

73. Defensive lawfare and deterrence: Analysis of Latvia’s approach to legal bases in the context of hybrid warfare (2014-2022)

74. Implications of the war in Ukraine for the strategic communication system of the Polish Ministry of National Defence

75. Integrating Earth observation IMINT with OSINT data to create added-value multisource intelligence information: A case study of the Ukraine–Russia war

76. Measuring economic resilience for the CEE and Black Sea countries in the framework of comprehensive defense

77. Net spills among NATO allies: Theory and empirical evidence from dynamic quantile connectedness

78. Conventional and Hybrid Actions in the Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

79. Introduction to Special Issue on Navigating NATO dynamics: Addressing various challenges in the international security environment

80. What Teaching Was Thucydides Trying to Convey? And Why It Remains So Important for Us Today