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1. Managing Crises, the Least-Bad Option

2. Arab Nationalism, Regionalism, and Regional Integration

3. Shifting Patterns of Arab Politics

4. AlMostaqbal: Envisioning a Better Arab Future

5. Prepping for COP27

6. South Africa's Migration Dynamics: From Segregation to Integration

7. Migrants and the Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Third World Countries: A Study of North-Eastern Nigeria Since 1999

8. Egypt-Turkey Relations Towards Libya: Political and Economic Dimensions

9. Understanding Niger Delta’s violence from a World-Ecology perspective

10. Insurgency in Mozambique: the Role of the Southern African Development Community

11. Elections and Electoral Violence in Côte d’Ivoire: ECOWAS’s Efforts towards Stability

12. Female Participation in Peacebuilding Efforts in Africa: A Review of Recent Academic Contributions

13. Mission to Civilise: The French West African Federation

14. Youth Engagement in Peace Processes in Africa

15. Violent Ethnic Extremism in Ethiopia: Implications for the Stability of the Horn of Africa

16. Exploring the conflict-readiness of parties: The Dynamics of Proclivity Towards Violence and/or Conflict in Madagascar

17. Farm Attacks or 'White Genocide'? Interrogating the Unresolved Land Question in South Africa

18. Examining the Potential of Conditional Cash Transfer for Stemming Cape Flats Gang Violence: A Directional Policy Research Project

19. Nhimbe practice in Zimbabwe Revisited: Not only a Method of Socio-Economic Assistance but also a Communal Mechanism for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

20. Challenging International Relations’ Conceptual Constraints: The International and Everyday Life across Borders in Southern Africa

21. Powering Households and Empowering Women: The Gendered Effects of Electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

22. Ratification, Reservations, and Review: Exploring the Role of the CEDAW Compliance Mechanisms in Women’s Rights

23. The United Nations Children and Armed Conflict Agenda: Integrating Child Protection Issues and Children’s Voices in Peace Processes

24. Climate Change and the Global South: The Case of Africa

25. A Climate Crisis in Africa: The Case of South Sudan

26. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

27. September 2021 Issue

28. June 2021 Issue

29. African Great Lakes Region: Governance and Politics

30. Persistent Conflict and Perceived Post-Conflict Peacebuilding in Southern Kaduna Region of Nigeria

31. The Impact of Conflicts on Natural Resources – The Case of Sudanese Darfur Region

32. Contemporary Turkey Edition (Harvard Journal of Middle Eastern Politics and Policy, Fall 2021)

33. The roaming threats: The security dimension of Almajiris’ mobility in Nigeria and its implications for Africa’s regional security

34. Dimensions of freedom and self-governance: Past, present, future

35. Decolonising governance: The state and chieftancy conflicts on the Ghana-Togo Borderlands

36. Land governance and displacement in Zimbabwe: The case of Chilonga Communal Area, Chiredzi District

37. Fast-track land reform, politics and social capital: The case of Rouxdale farm in Zimbabwe

38. An ethics perspective to South Africa’s civilian intelligence governance regime

39. Engaging with Africa Strategically

40. Rethinking Stability in Africa

41. Seizing a Historic Opportunity: the U.S.-DRC Privileged Partnership for Peace and Prosperity

42. Women's Rights and Democratic Transitions: A Comparative Study of Pakistan, Chile, and South Africa

43. Africa and the 'Globalization Bargain': Towards a Collective Economic Sovereignty

44. War and Conflict in the African Sahel Fruit of History and permanent War Between Two Empires: The Arab-Islamic Empire and the Western Empire

45. Failed Strategy? The Legacy of Barack Obama's Presidency in the Middle East and North Africa

46. Explaining Egypt’s January 2011 Revolution between Conspiracy and Conventional Wisdom

47. Africa and the United States: Reengaging with Africa’s Prosperity in Mind

48. Why the Phrase “Arab Spring” Should be Retired

49. “Reconciliation” in the Communiqué of the Gulf Cooperation Council

50. Can the Arab Region meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?

51. A Visualization of Egypt’s Economic Performance During COVID-19

52. Summers of Strife: From Libya to Ethiopia

53. African Podcasting: Challenges and Chances

54. The Renaissance Dam after the Security Council

55. More than a Monolith

56. A Pandemic of Vaccine and Technology Hoarding: Unmasking Global Inequality and Hypocrisy

57. Africa is Climbing the Prosperity Ladder but Some Rungs are Broken

58. The Long Road to African Tourism Recovery

59. Millions of People Continue to be Forcibly Displaced in Africa

60. In Malawi, the battle to save mangoes

61. A New Water Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa

62. Shaping Africa’s New Normal

63. From White Teyab to Pink Kandakat: Gender and the 2018-2019 Sudanese Revolution

64. Trash Sorters: Entrepreneurs in Africa

65. How Sudan Transitions

66. Toward Arab Food Security

67. Averting a Total Collapse

68. Statelessness in West Africa: An Assessment of Stateless Populations and Legal, Policy, and Administrative Frameworks in Ghana

69. Building Blocks and Challenges for the Implementation of the Global Compact on Refugees in Africa

70. May 2020 Issue

71. June 2020 Issue

72. July 2020 Issue

73. August 2020 Issue

74. October 2020 Issue

75. November/December 2020 Issue

76. Representations of Power in Mayombe: “Men Will Be Prisoners of the Structures They Will Have Created”

77. Socio-Spatial and Ethnic-Racial Segregation in Megacities, Large Cities and Global Cities in Africa

78. African Union: Mbeki’s South Africa Policy for Africa

79. Elections and Democratic Deficits in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: A Commentary

80. Trust in Political Power and Government Institutions in Mozambique: 2014-2018

81. The Dominance of Terrorism: Aspects of the Socio-Political Challenges in Post-Independence West AfricA: Nigeria, Burkina Faso and Mali

82. Main Trends of Terrorism in Africa Towards 2025

83. African Marxist Military Regimes, Rise and Fall: Internal Conditioners and International Dimensions

84. Brazil-Africa Relations: From the Slave Nexus to the Construction of Strategic Partnerships

85. The Gender-Based Violence as an Instrument of Warfare in Armed Conflicts

86. India's "Africa Adventure" in the Indian Ocean Commission

87. No Competition Without Presence: Should the U.S. Leave Africa?

88. Erratic Behaviour of the United Nations and Global Governance in. Africa: The State as a Smokescreen for World Security

89. Cuba's medical experience in sub-Saharan Africa: its contribution against Covid-​19

90. An analysis of optimal devolved government size for growth: Armey curve in Kenya

91. The Horn of Africa and the refugee field in Dadaab in Kenya

92. Western Sahara: history, U.N acting and foreign interests

93. Debating land in Africa: an analysis of the impacts of colonialism and neoliberalism in Guinea-Bissau's agrarian transition

94. Leadership and decision making processes in Mozambique: governance of Samora Machel - 1975/1986

95. The web of legal pluralism and traditional authorities in Mozambique




99. Silencing the Guns Requires a Multi-Pronged Approach

100. We Will Not Silence the Guns Without Women